• The essential B2B guide to SEO

    25 May 2016

    The humble website is your virtual shop window. Where it may have been optional in the past, it’s now an absolute necessity for any business.

    But if your website isn’t easily accessible and visible in a search engine, potential customers won’t know what you’re offering, and they’ll get it from your more web-savvy competitors, regardless of how blatantly inferior, more expensive, and dubiously hygienic they may be. In fact, research shows that if your site doesn’t show up on the first page, it probably won’t gain any traction with searchers. Ideally, you want the top two positions – it’s optimal from a web traffic and lead gen POV.

    This whitepaper, in partnership with TopLine Comms, aims to equip you with a basic understanding of SEO so you can identify your own website’s crucial SEO requirements, engage in conversation with a search marketing providers and assess their ability to optimise your website.

    Sponsored by: TopLine Comms
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  • Curation + Creation

    09 March 2016

    With consumers getting their daily fix of news online, the importance of social media in news discovery and consumption is growing. 

    Some news providers regard social media as a threat – but others are attracting and retaining customers through new social media curation technologies.

    In this whitepaper, Brand Republic and Crowdynews explore how forward-thinking publishers are using new and emerging technologies to curate social content on their own sites – adding new opportunities for original content, enhancing their authority and growing profits.

    Sponsored by: Crowdynews
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  • Brands and retailers: What’s your current relationship status?

    24 April 2016

    As a branded manufacturer, do you sometimes feel like you’re adrift in the rising tide of e-commerce — unsure of which direction to turn? Retailers have adapted to e-commerce at this point, and most sell their products online.

    But for brands, it’s different. Each brand has unique needs and circumstances that dictate whether they should sell directly to consumers. Long story short: The transition to e-commerce for brands has been complicated.

    This white paper, in partnership with ChannelAdvisor, will help you understand:

    • The right questions to ask yourself about your brand
    • Why brands go direct to consumers
    • The risk of selling direct to consumers
    • Ways to create a blended strategy between a traditional and a direct-to-consumer distribution model
    • How creating a joint proposition between brands and retailers can help mitigate channel conflict

    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Managing channel conflict in the retail space

    29 January 2016

    As brands move online, they find new ways to transact and build closer customer relationships. But while a direct-to-consumer strategy can help brands build loyalty, it can also disrupt existing relationships with retail partners. So how do you sell direct without alienating retailers?

    Brand Republic and eCommera gathered around the dinner table with a panel of esteemed senior retail experts, to tackle the issues surrounding the management of channel conflict. This expert report will uncover the findings. It will look at:

    • How to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer 
    • How to deliver a consistent experience
    • How to understand customers and build loyalty using data
    • How to nurture partnerships with retailers

    Sponsored by: eCommera
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  • The global review of data-driven marketing and advertising

    26 January 2016

    81.3% of global marketers describe data as important to their efforts. And 59.3% call it “critical”.

    Twelve months ago, the GDMA and the Winterberry Group released a report that benchmarked how companies around the globe were leveraging data to engage consumers, build profitable customer relationships and grow lasting value for both parties to that interaction.

    The second annual edition of the report provides an even richer perspective on how data is reshaping the practices of advertising and marketing.

    The report, in partnership with MediaMath, will include some these key focuses:

    • The customer is king: 90.2% of global marketers say they’re focused on predictive analytics and segmentation to better target and engage key audiences
    • The money’s on data-driven marketing: 56.3% of global marketers said they upped their annual data-driven marketing and advertising expenditures this year
    • Mar tech + ad tech = high priority: The availability of marketing and advertising technology was ranked among the top three highest factors driving investment in data-driven marketing
    • Attribution is where it’s at: Improved attribution is the most important factor marketers think will provide more value from data-driven marketing and advertising

    Sponsored by: MediaMath
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  • How to play and how to win at CRO

    25 January 2016

    From consideration to purchase, the consumer journey should be seamless. Conversion Rate Optimisation is teetering on the brink of mainstream digital marketing, yet it still seems to lack the budget recognition it needs and deserves.

    Whether you are already engaged in CRO or not, this white paper offers some helpful guidance and considerations that have been proven to work over the last few years when putting together a business case to start, develop or implement a CRO action plan. 

    It will cover:

    • What is CRO and why is it important?
    • How to drive more revenue online
    • How to build a business case for CRO

    Sponsored by: RedEye
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  • Is an in-house agency right for you? A decision making guide.

    14 January 2016

    The pros and cons of in-house agencies have long been debated, but with ongoing pressures to reduce costs and a demand for more real-time, responsive marketing, the topic has been cast back into the spotlight. 

    In this decision-making guide you will learn:

    • What the logic is behind establishing an in-house agency
    • Potential pitfalls
    • Whether your marketing requirements are suitable for internalising

    Take-away checklist to help you discover which agency set-up is best for your business.

    Sponsored by: Screendragon
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  • Getting the most from your landing pages

    14 January 2016

    As marketers, you work hard to encourage user engagement on your email campaigns. The next steps in the journey can often feel like someone else's responsibility. However, if designed, targeted and optimized correctly, landing pages are proven to deliver quality customer journeys and greatly increase conversions. Indeed, with modern tools, landing pages can be built quickly without the need for coding.


    Our best practice guide outlines the fundamentals of a successful landing page and offers guidance on optimizing for conversions and improving customer journeys.


    What's your excuse for not using landing pages to improve your marketing ROI?


    You will learn to:


    -       Create engaging landing pages quicker than ever before

    -       Convert more visitors by optimizing landing page content and design

    -       Improve customer journeys by providing a consistent experience across channels

    Sponsored by: dotmailer
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  • Fashion content that demands attention

    30 November 2015

    Creating content that cuts through in the competitive fashion and retail landscape is a huge challenge.

    The emergence of new bloggers, the rise of mobile and the growing popularity of Instagram and other social channels mean it’s never been easier for fashion fans to post content. This makes the need for retailers to stand-out greater than ever. How can you create valuable content that delights audiences?

    This expert report in partnership with Big Group will take an indepth look at the trends in retail including:

    • Virtual reality video
    • Mini animations and gifs
    • Brand collaborations

    And what the future holds for content marketing in the fashion retail space.

    Sponsored by: Big Group
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  • The Ultimate Optimisation Guide For The Travel Sector

    24 November 2015

    The internet has revolutionised the travel industry. 43% of all travel bookings are made online and that figure will only increase year-on-year.

    Families spend about three weeks from deciding to travel to actually making their booking. During that time, they’ll consult roughly seven websites to help make their final decision. As a result, travel brands need a fast functioning, easy-to-use website for maximum impact - or they may fall behind the pack.

    The opportunity is huge. In an industry hallmarked by fierce competition, consolidation, and disruption, optimisation has become a competitive advantage for companies who execute on their strategy well.

    The unparalleled opportunities to grow revenue and engage audiences is there for the taking, and it’s time to take action.

    This expert guide will get you started with the strategy, give you cultural best practices and great ideas based on the successes of some of the biggest travel companies around.

    Sponsored by: Optimizely
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  • The Big Data Revolution

    20 November 2015

    Big data is changing the world a hundred terabytes at a time. It gives marketers the opportunity to deliver targeted and personalised experiences to consumers, who expect exceptional and who are more tech-savvy than ever.

    In partnership with Valtech, Brand Republic gathered 10 influential data and digital marketing leaders from the financial services industry for a debate on big data. The objective of the panel was simple: establish big data challenges, then find solutions to future proof organisations against an increasingly turbulent marketing landscape.

    Detailing the findings of the debate, this expert report looks at how businesses can embrace the cultural change required and learn to talk in the language of data.

    It will explore:

    • How the landscape has changed since the days of the ‘simpler’ customer
    • What data really matters? And how you can find what’s useful and relevant for consumers
    • Where data fits into the wider marketing strategy
    • Who has the skills required to tackle big data? And what can businesses do to respond to the new opportunities it presents?

    Sponsored by: Valtech
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  • Private Marketplace Deals: How to set yourself up for success

    20 November 2015

    As programmatic premium takes off, many publishers and advertisers are turning to private marketplaces as a smart buying model. But the success of this model relies upon all parties communicating their expectations at every phase of a deal. How can you make your deal transparent so that your partners share all your expectations?

    This expert report, in partnership with OpenX, is a guide to setting up deals for success. It will look at specific topics to discuss with your partners as you negotiate private deals, with step-by-step guides for both buyers and sellers. It also includes:

    Questions to ask at each stage of a deal

    Guide to monitoring your deals

    A checklist for Deal Negotiations and Set-up which can serve as an agenda for your future PMP deal discussions

    Sponsored by: OpenX
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  • The ultimate optimisation guide for online retailers

    18 November 2015

    On average, a human can focus on one thing for just eight seconds. This means you have to create a digital experience that captures your visitors’ attention quickly.

    If you want to improve key metrics including purchases, average order value, customer lifetime value, revenue, and more, then this Experience Optimisation guide is here to help.

    It highlights best practices, strategies, and lessons learned from some of the most successful online stores in the business.

    Register to download the report and learn:

    • Proven methods to grow revenue streams, increase customer lifetime value, and grow your online business

    • Optimisation strategies to decrease shopping cart abandonment on desktop and mobile

    • Test ideas, pro-tips, and results from successful online retailers

    • Quick (and easy) wins for e-commerce personalisation

    Sponsored by: Optimizely
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  • Content creation in 2016: Where will content marketing fit into your business?

    10 November 2015

    Content marketing, when done right, attracts and retains customers. It takes them on a journey. It captivates at every touchpoint during their customer journey, from consideration to purchase.

    But the commercial return that content creates is difficult to measure. 40% of companies feel they aren’t getting sufficient ROI and over a third feel they don’t have sufficient metrics to justify the spend*.

    So understanding where content marketing sits in your organisation, and how it supports business objectives, is essential. Here at Brand Republic Insight, in partnership with Remarkable Content, we want to know how you use content marketing and the ways in which your brand creates valuable and consistent content… if any.

    It’ll only take five minutes and we appreciate you’re busy at the best of times, so as a thank you we will:

    • Send you the top-level survey results, so you can benchmark your brand against peers
    • Enter you into a prize draw to win £50 of Amazon vouchers*

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st December 2015. 

    Source: The Economist

    Sponsored by: Remarkable Content
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  • Transforming the eCommerce landscape in 2016

    04 November 2015

    ECommerce is thriving. Over £678.8 million is spent each week online in the UK alone - a figure that will continue to rise.

    Marketplaces are a valuable channel for online merchants looking to increase sales, reach a wider consumer base and raise brand awareness beyond their usual restricted parameters.

    Here at Brand Republic, we want to hear your predictions for the 2016 eCommerce landscape and the main challenges you're facing at the moment.

    We appreciate that you’re busy, but as a thank you we will:

    • Send you the top-level survey results, so you can benchmark your brand against peers
    • Enter you into a prize draw to win an Apple Watch*

     *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st December 2016.

    Source: Internet Retailing

    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • The Experience Optimisation Handbook

    26 October 2015

    For every $92 spent on acquiring customers online, only $1 is spent on optimisation.* Yet conversion rate averages are very low: for an e-commerce website it's 3%, for a SaaS website it’s 7% and for media websites it’s 10%**.

    Optimisation is a cost-effective way to improve your marketing strategy which will lead to greater ROI. 

    This expert report in partnership with Optimizely, looks at ways to grow a business through optimisation and testing.

    Register to download the report and you will learn:

    • What is experience optimisation and why it’s essential for any online business?
    • How to gain a better understanding of your online audience’s unique needs and preferences
    • How businesses like yours are using optimisation to their benefit

    * IBM TeaLeaf 2012
    ** Kissmetrics

    Sponsored by: Optimizely
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  • The Secrets to Personalising Your Customer Experiences

    15 October 2015

    75% of consumers like it when brands personalise messaging and offers¹.

    It is no longer sufficient to just “market at” today’s tech savvy consumers, brands now need to understand and respond to individual needs. The proliferation of big data has made this possibility a reality.

    But whilst marketers know they need to personalise messages, implementing the most effective strategies to do so remains a challenge.
    In this webcast, we will take a no nonsense look at the benefits of personalisation, the tools needed and how to best exploit the marketing benefits to maximise ROI.

    Join our expert speakers to discover:

    • Where and how to start with personalisation
    • How to leverage the “right” data
    • The tools needed to succeed
    • Real life brand examples


    Will Cook, VP Multichannel Marketing, HP
    Bertrand Gillet, COO, TBSCG
    Gawain Owen, Digital Lead, Nestle UK
    Moderated by Alex MacMillan, Content Manager, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: HP Autonomy
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  • A Retailer’s Guide To Customer Feedback on eBay

    10 August 2015

    88% of consumers are influenced by online customer service reviews when making buying decisions*. 

    Whether through social or review platforms, brands cannot avoid consumer scrutiny. To counter this they need to be engaged with feedback at all stages of the purchase funnel.

    eBay feedback builds trust, highlights retailers that offer a genuine and quality service. It also identifies sellers that may have caused issues for buyers in the past.

    Download this guide to understand how to utilise eBay feedback to your advantage. We will uncover:

    • The complex new metric system required to improve your feedback scores
    • Tips for preventing negative feedback
    • How to make your listing stand out and ultimately gain Top Rated Seller status

    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • How to Increase Revenue & Reduce Acquisition Costs Through Testing and Optimising Your Website

    27 April 2015

    The majority of digital savvy businesses have marketing strategies in place aimed at driving good traffic to their website. Many of those businesses optimise their acquisition campaigns to ensure they get the most out of their spend, but only a minority have started optimising their website and customer journeys to improve the conversion rate once potential customers arrive on site. Over recent years, digital marketers’ attention on CRO has intensified and many marketers now describe it as a crucial part of their overall marketing strategy.

    With significant ROI, customer insights and business changing competitive advantage, Brand Republic, in association with PRWD, want to understand Marketers views on CRO. 

    As a thank you, we will:

    • Share with you the anonymised survey results, so you can benchmark your progress against peers.
    • Enter you into a prize draw for an hour Conversion Optimisation consultancy free of charge with PRWD Founder & Director of Optimisation, Paul Rouke.*
    • AND, enter you in a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch Tablet*

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st July 2015.

    Sponsored by: PRWD
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  • How To Use Online Reviews To Drive Your Business

    03 June 2015

    In a recent Brand Republic and Trustpilot survey, 87% of decision-making marketers admitted that proving the ROI of online reviews was a challenge for their brand.

    The social age has made it impossible for brands to avoid consumer opinion, whether good or bad. Some brands are taking a lead in this area, and embracing online reviews by leveraging the insights that consumer feedback provides.

    In this webcast, we will reveal the results of our exclusive survey, providing a comprehensive overview of how brands are currently using online reviews. Plus, we’ll discover:

    • How online reviews relate to not only soft but bottom-line KPIs, such as conversions and basket size
    • Which metrics to employ in order to draw clear and actionable insights from online reviews
    • The power of online reviews throughout the purchase funnel

    Dan Sørensen, Product Marketing Manager, Trustpilot
    Michael Ruffles, Digital and Social Manager, Virgin StartUp
    Moderated by Alex MacMillan, Content Manager, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: Trustpilot
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  • Convince Your Boss It's Time For Video Marketing

    18 March 2015

    A recent Aberdeen report found that 95% of best-in-class marketers are using video as a content marketing channel¹.

    Video is fundamental to any up-to-date content marketing strategy. However, the challenge for marketers is in understanding that the metrics for video are not just brand awareness or affinity, but real bottom-line KPIs, such as conversions and cart size.

    It is no secret that higher value content equates to improved commercial returns, and videos are currently the kingpin in the content marketing mix. In this eBook, the best practices for using video are explored, plus there is a handy takeaway infographic at the end.

    Download now to discover how video can:

    • Boost online sales
    • Improve SEO
    • Expand reach on mobile and social
    • And much more

    Start convincing the boss to turbocharge your brand’s video content strategy today.

    ¹ Aberdeen, Analysing ROI of Video Marketing

    Sponsored by: Brightcove
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  • How to Leverage Online Reviews for Maximum Impact

    04 March 2015

    In the social age, it is impossible for brands to avoid consumer opinion – good or bad – being in the public domain, often on a mass scale. What sets brands apart, however, is whether this unabating feedback is embraced or, more importantly, used to inform strategy and bring about positive change.

    Here at Brand Republic Insight, in partnership with Trustpilot, we want to know what an ideal review platform would provide your brand and how you are utilising reviews in your organisation. Plus, what the key challenges or concerns are when it comes to soliciting online feedback and putting the insight into action.

    The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete, and as a thank you we will:

    • Send you top level findings from the survey, to benchmark your brand against competitors
    • Enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win an Apple Watch*
    • Send you an expert report and invite you to a webinar based on the exclusive survey results

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st May 2015.

    Sponsored by: Trustpilot
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  • Data: What Do You Really Need?

    06 February 2015

    The starting point of a data acquisition strategy must come from an understanding of the consumer. In the UK, web pages are accessed 68.1% of the time on desktop computers, 24% on mobiles, 6.8% on tablets and the remainder on other devices¹. 

    Understanding where to capture data also gives a realistic idea of what information can be captured, across multiple platforms and devices.

    In this expert report, nine different consumer touchpoints (from desktop websites to transactional engagements) are assessed to see how they can deliver maximum value when it comes to data capture. This is followed by a guide of how to safeguard, prepare and employ this data to ensure the greatest returns.

    Download now and learn how to rejuvenate your data acquisition strategy.

    ¹ comScore Device Essentials, Europe

    Sponsored by: RedEye
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  • The Evolution of Paid Search and How to Cash In

    27 November 2014

    Consumers rely on powerful search tools to navigate the colossal volume and depth of internet content. This reliance is what makes search result placement critical for advertisers: search tools are the gatekeepers to product visibility. However, the evolution of paid search has not been driven by advertiser needs, but by fundamental changes in online consumer shopping behaviours. In this survey, we're exploring the importance of paid search in the wider marketing mix and looking at how paid search is evolving, particularly in relation to retail. Please take a few minutes to complete our (very) short survey and as a thank you we will:

    •  Send you top level findings of the survey, which will identify key trends 
    •  Send you a complimentary expert report (worth £450) on social media and event best practice
    •  Enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win an iPad Air 2 16GB*

    * Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st December 2014.

    9 questions
    Sponsored by: HookLogic
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  • Social Media Checklist: Powering Live Events

    10 October 2014

    This hugely popular eBook forms part of our Power Of Live Series: Social Media Focus and offers a vital checklist to ensure you are making the most of social media within your events. 

    Download it now to:

    • Understand the emerging trends that are driving social media usage around events today
    • Set a realistic strategy: How sharable should my content be? What is the monetary value? What role should Apps play? Which platforms should I use?
    • Gain 8 Twitter tips on the ideal hashtag, what gets re-tweeted, the optimum tweet length and more…
    • Engage key influencers to enhance credibility, spark word of mouth and take your message further
    • Pre-, During- and Post- Event Checklist – 19 tickable boxes to ensure you increase the lifespan of your event and maximise audience engagement at every step of the way

    Sponsored by: Cvent
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  • Social Login 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Consumer Identity

    15 September 2014

    A recent survey found that 30% of marketers plan to implement social login in 2015¹. What’s more, it is predicted that by 2016, 50% of new customer identities in retail will be based on social network profiles².

    In today’s multi-channel environment and with the increasing deluge of consumer data, it is difficult for brands to get an accurate view of customers. However, brands using social login can acquire permission-based access to first-party identity data that can provide a cross-channel understanding of consumers’ interests, actions and behaviours.

    In this extensive expert report, social networks are examined as key identity providers, and social login trends, best practices and case studies are shared to illustrate how social login can be used to streamline the registration process, collect permission-based customer insights, and much more.

    Download this free report now.

    ¹ Forrester

    ² Gartner

    Sponsored by: Gigya
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  • Integrating Real-Time with Cross-Channel Marketing: The Key to Seamless Experiences?

    15 July 2014

    Customers assume they can find your brand on multiple channels, and increasingly they expect to experience a single journey across these channels. With real-time insights and a knowledge of when, where and how to engage customers, brands can deliver highly effective and personalised marketing messages.

    At Brand Republic, we are interested in hearing where your brand is in its cross-channel and real-time journey, and what challenges you are facing.

    Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey, and as a thank you we will:

    •  Enter you in a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch Tablet 
    •  Send you the survey results, to see where your peers stand 
    •  We’ll send you an expert report based on the findings of this survey

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 15th October 2014.

    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Why Amazon Is Not The Enemy Of Large Retail Brands

    07 May 2014

    In the past retailers have steered away from selling their products on Amazon for fear of losing control of their brand look and feel and also their customer communications. 

    But today Amazon has astronomical influence in online shopping and has made significant changes to the way it works with large retailers. Many savvy marketers now recognise the huge opportunities Amazon can offer to help retailers boost profits and drive customer acquisition. 

    In this expert report we provide answers to your common fears and questions and reveal how Amazon can truly help your brand; including:

    • How to win back showrooming shoppers 
    • How to ride the waves of Amazon's popularity on mobile
    • How to maintain the keys to your brand

    Don’t let this opportunity slide! Download your free copy here.

    6 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Winning ROI From Responsive Web Design

    10 February 2014

    Responsive web design is now one of the most hotly debated approaches to delivering consistent and optimised web experiences to any display - tablet, smartphone, or 50-inch monitor.

    Whether you are in the early stages or more established with responsive web design techniques, this expert report will help you achieve efficiency in content design and management, ultimately increasing the return on your investment in responsive design.

    Download it here for tips on how to: 

    • Build brand awareness and engagement with mobile users
    • Grow reach across high-value demographics in the mobile segment with relevant, contextual content
    • Increase customer loyalty with consistent, high-quality digital experiences across devices
    • Optimise the investment in resources required to produce and maintain these experiences

    N.B Image by Tooroot (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

    7 pages
    Sponsored by: Adobe
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  • Display Campaign Success: Looking Beyond The Click

    12 November 2013

    We're all familiar with the usefulness of search engines to answer a specific or immediate need for information online. And because consumers expect to click to find what they’re looking for, click measurement is typically an effective metric for evaluating the success of search campaigns.

    But relying on clicks to drive conversions for display advertising is often a dead end. We’ve found that consumers most likely to click on display ads are often vastly different from an advertiser’s best-performing customers. This means that optimising display campaigns for clicks often means anti-optimising for sales.

    Read this expert report to:

    • Understand the differences in evaluating search vs. display ad performance
    • Optimise your campaign for conversions — instead of clicks
    • Learn how to better assess display ad effectiveness

    5 pages
    Sponsored by: Quantcast
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  • Closing The Gap Between Clicks And Engagement: 7 Steps to Optimise Your Site

    28 November 2013

    As marketers, we pour thousands of pounds into numerous strands of advertising to attract our target audience. Yet according to Kissmetrics, around 40% of visitors will bounce away from a website on their first visit. So how do we tackle this?

    Consumers have the power of choice: when, how, why and where to engage - and brands must match this with finesse, engaging tools and compelling content across multiple platforms.

    So whether your goal is to boost awareness or your bottom line, this Brand Republic webcast will demonstrate effective strategies to minimise bounce and focus on techniques to ensure visitors stay and engage with your website.

    Brimming with brand case studies from the likes of HSBC, RBS, EE and easyJet, tune in live to hear insights from HeathWallace:

    • Tips and tricks on content, design and user experience that ensure visitors go beyond the first click 
    • How to collect and use the information visitors provide to maximise their first visit
    • How to implement the right engagement goals to drive valuable and recurring interactions with your audience 

    Alex Sandrey , Head of Data and Insight, HeathWallace
    Rory Yates, Digital Business Director, HeathWallace
    Moderated by Georgia Cockerell, Head of Content, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: Sitecore with HeathWallace
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  • Digital Transformation Today: Driving Efficiency, Ingenuity and Success

    11 September 2013

    It is no longer viable for the marketing team to be solely responsible for embedding digital and delivering the best results across all areas of the business. Digital must be embraced by all and ingrained in the business strategy. So how can you leverage it better and what do you stand to lose if you don’t?

    In this live webcast, we look at how you can harness digital to enhance customer service, create and capture new knowledge, simplify operations, deliver new business models, break down global barriers and ultimately drive success.

    • Engaging your customers - does good online customer service exist?
    • Crowd sourcing- how can you make your customers work for you? Find out how you can capture and use the knowledge gained to see both an emotional and a financial gain. 
    • The digital workforce- how can digital technology better enable your organisation?
    • The next big thing- what will the future of the internet and big data mean for you?
    • Quick internal wins – why aligning people, processes and technology will enable you to deliver the customer experience you intend.

    Mark Sherwin, Commercial Director, Precedent
    Stewart Atkins, Head of Digital, British Medical Association
    Moderated by Georgia Cockerell, Head of Content, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: Sitecore
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  • Internet Shopping: 6 Quick Wins to Revive Your Online Sales

    16 May 2013

    With UK consumers spending an average of £1,083 a year online, internet shopping is now more popular in the UK than in any other country in the world. But how can you stay on top of this exploding trend, refreshing your offering to boost customer engagement and increase sales?

    This eBook offers 6 quick wins to help you bolster your eBay sales. Whether you’ve been selling on eBay for a while or you’re just starting up, this tip sheet will help you to revive your offering and connect with an expanding pool of internet shoppers.

    10 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Digital Integration: Connecting the Dots

    18 June 2013

    Integrated digital marketing offers huge opportunities to engage, service, and support customers. Yet presenting a consistent brand experience across several touch points comes with its challenges. If you’re working globally with a large team of people, how can you collaborate effectively, creatively and securely?

    In this Brand Republic webcast, we offer insights for both agencies and brands to help you share ideas, coordinate your campaigns and drive value to your bottom line:

    • For both international and internal communications, learn how to present a holistic, consistent brand experience across multiple digital touch points
    • As an agency hear how you can save time and money to create tangible value for existing clients and win new accounts
    • Through better coordination, tap into the creative talent of your global teams and spark innovation in your campaigns

    Richard Huré, Technical Director, Fred&Farid
    Jerome Cohen, International Business Unit Manager Media & Communication, Oodrive
    Moderated by Noelle McElhatton, Special Projects Editor, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: Oodrive
    * * * * *
  • Harness the Power of Your Customer's Digital Voice

    02 May 2013

    All customers have the potential to become your brand advocates, driving profit for your business through positive endorsement, insight and product analysis. But to harness the real value here, companies must give their customers a voice and ensure that they are well placed to listen to and act upon it.

    Brand Republic's three part programme, produced in partnership with Bazaarvoice, consists of a survey, webcast and expert report providing marketers with the tools and knowledge to take social media and user-generated content to the next level. Using real business case studies, it will evolve your use of digital channels to become more customer-centric and more profitable.

    Hear how to:

    • Evolve your social strategy to give your customers a high-value digital voice
    • Build brand trust by hosting authentic customer-driven content on your website
    • Create and empower brand advocates to drive your business forward
    • Improve your products, services, sales and marketing using genuine, rich and varied customer insight

    Patrick Phelan, VP Client Services EMEA, Bazaarvoice
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: BazaarVoice
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  • The Future of Online Shopping: 4 Trends to Watch in 2013

    05 March 2013

    With UK consumers spending an average of £1,083 a year online, internet shopping is now more popular in the UK than in any other country in the world. With this value set to double in the next five years, how do you utilise this exploding trend in order to increase your sales and reach new customers?

    This eBook describes Google Shopping, how it affects UK retailers and what to consider when planning your new comparison shopping strategies with Google. Download it now and find out how to bring your sales catalogue to life and connect with new shoppers on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

    9 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • New Rules for Online Advertising: Are You Compliant?

    20 March 2013

    New rules from the UK Committee on Advertising Practices (CAP) covering online behavioural advertising (OBA), came into effect on the 4th of February 2013. For the first time, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) will regulate the way that ad networks and third parties use online behavioural tracking and targeting technologies such as cookies.

    Thousands of advertisers are in breach of this rule so what happens if you are not compliant and how will this impact your marketing?

    Firstly, to comply with these rules, adverts based on browsing history data, will have to include information explaining to consumers that they have been targeted using OBA and advertisers must provide users with a way to opt out.

    If you are an advertiser, agency, publisher or ad network, tune in live to our next webcast where we’ll be drilling into the new CAP rules, consumer attitudes to OBA and the steps you need to take to ensure you are compliant. Find out how to build trust by giving consumers transparency, notice and choice.

    Danilo Labovic, Managing Director EMEA, TRUSTe
    Nick Stringer, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)
    Alan Walker, Managing Partner, WebAds UK
    Moderated by Philip Smith, Head of Content Solutions and Studio, Brand Republic Group
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: TRUSTe
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  • SEO Update: Exploring The Opportunities For Global Growth In 2013

    25 January 2013

    This hard-hitting expert report forms the final chapter of our 2-part SEO update exploring the opportunities for global growth in 2013. It offers the top-level findings from our survey of marketers which asked questions like: Is any of your SEO focused on the international marketplace? How do you go about keyword research for either your international or English SEO campaigns? How do you translate and localise content for the geo targeted demographic?

    The free report gives you insight into how you compare against your competitors when it comes to the adoption of international SEO. It's available to download now. 

    Visit Alchemy Viral at

    5 pages
    Sponsored by: Alchemy Viral
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  • Transforming The Mobile User Experience

    01 November 2012

    Over the last year, the number of people visiting the British Red Cross website on mobile devices doubled. To meet this growing demand, the British Red Cross needed a mobile-optimised website delivering seamless content to their users on whatever device they chose to use. Tune into this live webcast for actionable insights to apply to your own business on how they got there, what they’re still learning, how they innovate and what they’re planning next. Learn how to:

    •    develop an optimised, on-brand HTML5 powered site for a seamless mobile user experience
    •    automatically detect mobile visitors and serve them the best mobile content format for their device
    •    enable users to search for products, shops or services using GPS functionality on their device
    •    create mobile-specific content to complement existing content, delivering a rich, easy-to-manage customer journey

    Margaret O’Donnell, Head of Digital, British Red Cross
    David Peel, Web Developer, Eduserv
    Moderated by Philip Smith, Head of Content Solutions and Studio, Brand Republic Group
    Sponsored by: Sitecore
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