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  • SEO for Online Retailers: Frequently Asked Questions

    01 May 2015

    Navigating the SEO maze isn't simple. Never-ending search engine algorithm updates, on-going extensions and the rapid growth of mobile search mean retailers have to quickly adapt or risk falling behind.

    So how do you stay ahead of the curve and maximise your search engine presence? 

    In this free report we answer the most common questions retailers have about SEO to help you refine your search strategy.

    Download this report to find out:

    • How SEO is different for retailers
    • Common missteps retailers are making
    • How social media integrates into your SEO strategy

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  • Comparison Shopping Engines: A Guide to Success

    05 March 2015

    Prior to purchasing, 65% of consumers compare goods and 94% compare prices, and comparison shopping engines are among the easiest ways to do both. But listing your products on CSEs and ensuring your campaigns are optimised can be tricky and time-consuming.

    To get a real handle on CSEs, download the 'Comparison Shopping Engines: A Guide to Success' eBook, filled with basic to advanced information, including:

    • The mind and behaviours of a consumer
    • How to list on CSEs
    • Important elements of CSE competition

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  • Personalised Cross-Channel Marketing: The Key To Seamless Customer Experiences

    22 December 2014

    Over a quarter (27%) of marketers do not have a cross-channel marketing strategy, according to research conducted by Brand Republic and IBM. 

    However, consumers are almost always connected, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device, or dual screening with their Smart TVs and mobile phones. The result - brands have the potential to reach a consumer wherever they are.

    So, why are so many brands lagging behind? Download this expert report to discover:

    • How brands can invest in multi-channel technology effectively
    • How to set KPIs to guide a results driven cross-channel marketing campaign
    • How real-time data can create powerful instant moments of engagement with consumers

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  • An Introduction to Marketing Attribution for the Real-Time Advertiser

    17 December 2014

    Digital advertising has introduced new challenges and new opportunities in marketing attribution. Every touchpoint along a consumer’s path is measurable, allowing advertisers to identify the tactics that drive results, allocate budgets more effectively, and scale their best performing campaigns. However, not all attribution models provide the right incentives or measure the metrics that matter leading to inefficient marketing optimisation. 

    Download this guide to explore some of the most common models used to measure display advertising and get to the bottom of how they may work for you.

    What's inside?

    • A breakdown of the most common display attribution models
    • A new method for measuring the true impact of your prospecting; and retargeting effort
    • How to optimise your budget for improved campaign performance

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  • Dynamic marketing for 2015: How programmatic, mobile, social and native will reshape the landscape

    11 December 2014

    Dynamic marketing: How programmatic, mobile, social and native will reshape the marketing landscape in 2015

    UK consumers spend, on average, 29 hours and 14 minutes on their desktop computers, and 41 hours and 42 minutes on their smartphones.

    It is now a mobile-first, cloud-first world, where a brand’s marketing strategy needs to unify channels, respond in real-time, and tailor its messages to the individual consumer. 

    In order to achieve this, a marketer needs a toolkit of solutions that adapt to the evolving demands of consumers. This involves building a cohesive programmatic, native and social advertising strategy, which delivers on the increasingly demanding consumer’s expectations.

    In this annual forward-looking report, the marketing trends of 2015 are examined. Download to discover:

    • Why 2015 really is the year of mobile, accounting for 25% of all search spend
    • How implementing programmatic is the key to cross-channel integration
    • How iBeacons will change the retail landscape, with expert insight from the Post Office’s CMO

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  • Search Sells: Capitalising on Consumer Shopping Behaviour

    08 January 2015

    Understanding the behaviour of consumers during their online buying journey is key when creating your brand's marketing strategy. How consumers search is different than it was even a few years ago.  Now, paid search is no longer a “nice to have” part of a marketer’s budget.  The colossal amount of online content means consumers welcome guidance when searching for products.  

    The opportunity is even bigger on retail sites.  Through paid search advertising, brands have an opportunity to position their products one-click away from a purchase and be on a page that was summoned by a search; thus maximising relevance and consumer confidence for a win-win situation.

    In this webcast, based on an exclusive Brand Republic and HookLogic survey, we discover:

    • How search has evolved, whilst dispelling some buyer journey myths
    • The changing behaviour of the digital shopper
    • The practicalities of paid search, with a case study from Reckitt Benckiser

    Ben Cooper, Managing Director, Europe, HookLogic
    Greg Duce, Head of Channel Development, Reckitt Benckiser
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: HookLogic
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  • The Evolution of Paid Search and How to Cash In

    27 November 2014

    Consumers rely on powerful search tools to navigate the colossal volume and depth of internet content. This reliance is what makes search result placement critical for advertisers: search tools are the gatekeepers to product visibility. However, the evolution of paid search has not been driven by advertiser needs, but by fundamental changes in online consumer shopping behaviours. In this survey, we're exploring the importance of paid search in the wider marketing mix and looking at how paid search is evolving, particularly in relation to retail. Please take a few minutes to complete our (very) short survey and as a thank you we will:

    •  Send you top level findings of the survey, which will identify key trends 
    •  Send you a complimentary expert report (worth £450) on social media and event best practice
    •  Enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win an iPad Air 2 16GB*

    * Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st December 2014.

    9 questions
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  • Owning The Google Results Page

    18 August 2015

    92% of customers do not click through to the second page of Google’s results; as such your website’s position really can be the difference between a successful online business and only having a trickle of traffic to your website.

    Google’s results page is broken down into ‘paid search text ads’, ‘product listing ads’, and ‘organic search results’. In this expert report, these areas are dissected, with their advantages detailed and some top tips to maximise each ones impact.

    Plus, discover how to write Google friendly copy and ensure your ads or organic page listings will stand out from the crowd on the ‘search engine results page’ (SERP).

    Click below to download your free copy.

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  • From Conversation to Conversion: Is Your Webstore Performing?

    24 September 2014

    In a competitive marketplace, brands have to maintain a high ROI whilst ensuring a presence on the multiple channels and platforms now available to consumers. However, to make cross-channel investment efficient, any touch-point interaction or conversation started with a consumer must have the maximum chance of becoming a conversion.

    So, what ingredients does a website need to encourage a purchase?

    Download this expert report to learn actionable insights into optimising your brand’s website, strengthening your overall e-commerce foundation with SEO, and the current best practices from online retailers.

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  • Programmatic Advertising – Six Key Trends That Marketers Need To Understand

    08 September 2014

    25% of digital video advertising is currently sold via programmatic means, and this is anticipated to rise to 70% in the next three years. By 2017, programmatic advertising will account for more than half of all digital advertising transactions.

    Starting out as an efficient way to sell off remnant digital inventory, programmatic has continuously evolved. From facilitating real-time bidding for online impressions, it now encompasses managing and optimising customer engagement in a multi-channel environment.

    As audiences fragment across channels and devices, programmatic advertising is increasingly becoming a necessary investment for brands and their marketers. The result, with correct implementation and segmentation, is precise and bespoke delivery of marketing content.

    Download this expert report to discover the 6 key trends to follow in order to understand customers in the programmatic marketing space.

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  • 7 Ways To Save On Paid Search

    11 August 2014

    Paid search in the UK is worth over £4 billion and growing at more than 10% a year, however, it is estimated that up to 25% of investment might be wasted¹.

    In the present economic climate, it is more crucial than ever for online retailers to pay close attention to their paid search programmes.

    In 7 key steps, this expert report provides some suggestions on how to conserve ad spend while still maintaining high conversion rates and exceeding your profitability goals.

    Top tips include:

    - Effective ad copy usage
    - Smart “entry bids”
    - Keyword mapping

    Plus much more.

    ¹ EConsultancy: UK paid search market worth more than £4bn report

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  • Online Retailers: 13 Costly Mistakes On Comparison Shopping Engines And How to Avoid Them

    15 January 2014

    With online and particularly mobile shopping set to rise again in 2014, the comparison shopping engine (CSE) comes into its own. But some retailers still aren’t making the most of it.

    The opportunities are numerous and successful optimisation will undoubtedly help to attract customers and increase your sales. Yet there are some pitfalls along the way.

    So whether you are new to comparison shopping engines or a seasoned pro, it's vital to avoid any costly mistakes. To help you steer clear of slip-ups, we've compiled a list of 13 common mistakes with tips on how to avoid them so you can improve your conversions.

    Download your free copy here.

    5 pages
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  • International E-Commerce: Grasping The Emerging Opportunities

    11 June 2013

    The UK has one of the most advanced e-commerce markets in the world and UK retailers have been reaping the benefits of growth at home in recent years. Now, online retailers are widening their horizons and international expansion is high on their agendas. 

    This report looks at the development of e-commerce around the world, identifying evolving global trends and focusing on the key challenges and opportunities for marketers to expand into this space.

    Download it for free here.

    • International trends and developments – how e-commerce is developing in emerging markets
    • Mobile developments – analysis on the opportunities for ‘m-commerce’ around the world
    • Social Media – consumer research on social and search engine trends around the world and what this means for marketers
    • E-Commerce policy – a snapshot on European policy changes and how they impact marketers

    16 pages
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  • Online Retailers: Stepping up to the Challenge of Digital in 2013

    05 February 2013

    The online retail industry is developing at a rapid pace; evolving in line with new technology, with the multi-platform nature of the modern shopper’s purchase journey and the ever increasing expectations of consumers. Digital engagement is no longer just happening at home or at work but on the go as well and the advent of 4G services will greatly enhance the mobile internet experience. Retailers are looking to innovative ways to cater for the connected consumer’s requirements. Amongst the mix of technology and systems, channels and platforms, domestic and international markets, the need to focus on what the customer wants must form the core of all investment decisions.
    This expert report reveals the latest research with retailers to provide insights into the current state of the market, looking at the important trends and innovations that make up 2013’s online experience. From social media and mobile to emerging platforms and emerging countries download this comprehensive guide and discover what flexible, savvy retailers must do to stay ahead of the curve.

    32 pages
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  • SEO Update: Exploring The Opportunities For Global Growth In 2013

    25 January 2013

    This hard-hitting expert report forms the final chapter of our 2-part SEO update exploring the opportunities for global growth in 2013. It offers the top-level findings from our survey of marketers which asked questions like: Is any of your SEO focused on the international marketplace? How do you go about keyword research for either your international or English SEO campaigns? How do you translate and localise content for the geo targeted demographic?

    The free report gives you insight into how you compare against your competitors when it comes to the adoption of international SEO. It's available to download now. 

    Visit Alchemy Viral at

    5 pages
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  • SEO Update: Exploring The Opportunities For Global Growth in 2013

    20 November 2012

    Sponsored by
    Alchemy Viral

    During the economic pinch of the last few years, we’ve seen more and more businesses looking to global markets for future growth and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) across international languages has been a vital component in the strategy of those that have been most successful here.
    But how widespread is the adoption of international SEO and what challenges and opportunities does it usher in?

    Please take a moment to take part in our short 12 question survey ‘SEO Update: Exploring The Opportunities For Global Growth in 2013.’
    As a thank you for completing the survey, you will -
    1. Be entered into a draw to win a Fortnum & Mason festive hamper (an ideal Christmas treat!)* 
    2. Receive the top-line survey results to reveal how you compare with other marketers in the SEO space
    3. Receive a free copy of our expert report informed by the results of this survey

    Please make sure you fill out all fields so we know who to send the hamper to if you win!

    *Terms and conditions apply. Competition now closed. 

    12 questions
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  • Digital on Trial: Harness 2012's Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013

    05 December 2012

    As the dust settles on a volatile year for digital marketing, with new channels gathering prominence and others falling by the wayside, this live webinar will reveal what we should take from 2012 to drive digital growth in the year ahead. Tune in to this interactive webinar for real answers to the big questions:

    • Channels: from email through to mobile, social and webinars what is working and why?
    • Content: what innovation and messaging is driving the most engagement?
    • Cash: how can the latest channels and ideas ultimately help your bottom line in 2013

    Christelle Chan, Marketing Director,
    Jacqui O'Beirne, Head of Digital Marketing, Dogs Trust
    Alastair Mackie, Head of Digital Development, Advertising, Financial Times
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: GoToWebinar
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  • Digital On Trial: Harness 2012’s Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013

    31 October 2012

    As the dust settles on a volatile year for digital marketing, with new channels gathering prominence and others falling by the wayside, this survey focuses on what we should take from 2012 to drive digital growth in the year ahead.

    Take part in our quick 10 question survey ‘Digital On Trial: Harness 2012’s Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013’ and…

    • Receive a copy of the whitepaper informed by the results of this survey featuring tips on where you shoudl focus your efforts and how you can spark digital growth in the year ahead
    • Receive the answers to the survey to reveal where your marketing peers stand in comparison
    • Receive details on the live webinar on 5th December informed by the results of this survey

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  • Algorithms and Optimization for Search Engine Marketing

    18 October 2012

    Using portfolio optimization to achieve optimal performance of a search campaign and better forecast ROI.

    Given the complexity and volatility in the marketplace, marketers need a proven method to manage their search campaigns. The portfolio theory of bid optimization lies in building good keyword models that capture behaviour from both the cost side and the revenue side. Backed by good models and bid automation, portfolio optimization increases search campaign performance. These models and optimization also give marketers the power to forecast performance for different business constraints and goals. The synergy of models, automation, and optimization enable advertisers to run campaigns predictably without compromising performance.
    Volatile markets are a difficult environment for online advertisers. If advertising spend is cut, sales volume is lost. If spend is increased, the company exposes itself to significant risk on the margin. Achieving success and daily business goals in a volatile market can be accomplished with the right balance of the complex interplay of science and technology.

    Download this guide to understand the mathematics and technology behind the methods that ensure success for search advertisers during both good and bad economic times.

    10 pages
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  • Gain an Edge with 2012's Hottest Search, Social and Mobile Trends

    21 November 2012

    Staying on top of the latest search, social and mobile innovations will give you that cutting edge over your competitors, increasing your traffic, lowering your costs and bringing in more revenue. In this webcast, Marin Software will present findings from their quarterly benchmark report which analyses the trends amongst their 1800 strong customer base investing over $4bn across search, social, display and mobile advertising each year. Beyond analysing the latest trends, this webcast will leave you with actionable takeaways on:
    -          How to take advantage of the fast changing social media advertising world to oil the wheels of word of mouth marketing and drive incremental improvements in other channels
    -          Cash in on mobile by getting your priorities right and finding the most effective mobile advertising opportunities
    -          Understand where search is headed in 2013 and how you can continue to drive performance improvements

    Rebecca Momberg, Lead Product Consultant EMEA, Marin Software
    Mat Braddy, Chief Marketing Officer, Just Eat
    Moderated by Philip Smith, Head of Content Solutions and Studio, Brand Republic Group
    Sponsored by: Marin Software
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