Multi-Channel Marketing

  • An Introduction to Marketing Attribution for the Real-Time Advertiser

    17 December 2014

    Digital advertising has introduced new challenges and new opportunities in marketing attribution. Every touchpoint along a consumer’s path is measurable, allowing advertisers to identify the tactics that drive results, allocate budgets more effectively, and scale their best performing campaigns. However, not all attribution models provide the right incentives or measure the metrics that matter leading to inefficient marketing optimisation. 

    Download this guide to explore some of the most common models used to measure display advertising and get to the bottom of how they may work for you.

    What's inside?

    • A breakdown of the most common display attribution models
    • A new method for measuring the true impact of your prospecting; and retargeting effort
    • How to optimise your budget for improved campaign performance

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  • Dynamic marketing for 2015: How programmatic, mobile, social and native will reshape the landscape

    11 December 2014

    Dynamic marketing: How programmatic, mobile, social and native will reshape the marketing landscape in 2015

    UK consumers spend, on average, 29 hours and 14 minutes on their desktop computers, and 41 hours and 42 minutes on their smartphones.

    It is now a mobile-first, cloud-first world, where a brand’s marketing strategy needs to unify channels, respond in real-time, and tailor its messages to the individual consumer. 

    In order to achieve this, a marketer needs a toolkit of solutions that adapt to the evolving demands of consumers. This involves building a cohesive programmatic, native and social advertising strategy, which delivers on the increasingly demanding consumer’s expectations.

    In this annual forward-looking report, the marketing trends of 2015 are examined. Download to discover:

    • Why 2015 really is the year of mobile, accounting for 25% of all search spend
    • How implementing programmatic is the key to cross-channel integration
    • How iBeacons will change the retail landscape, with expert insight from the Post Office’s CMO

    Sponsored by: Citrix
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  • The Evolution of Paid Search and How to Cash In

    27 November 2014

    Consumers rely on powerful search tools to navigate the colossal volume and depth of internet content. This reliance is what makes search result placement critical for advertisers: search tools are the gatekeepers to product visibility. However, the evolution of paid search has not been driven by advertiser needs, but by fundamental changes in online consumer shopping behaviours. In this survey, we're exploring the importance of paid search in the wider marketing mix and looking at how paid search is evolving, particularly in relation to retail. Please take a few minutes to complete our (very) short survey and as a thank you we will:

    •  Send you top level findings of the survey, which will dentify key trends 
    •  Send you a complimentary expert report (worth £450) on social media and event best practice
    •  Enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win an iPad Air 2 16GB*

    * Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st December 2014.

    9 questions
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  • The Real World of Real Time Advertising

    21 November 2014

    Up until 2009, the strategies behind online advertising were built upon finding and targeting audiences in places where they might be, relying on content targeting to inform media buying. But in today’s advertising landscape, marketers are armed with extraordinary technologies, an ever-more-precise understanding of consumer behaviour, and a seemingly endless array of touchpoints for getting in front of audiences. In response to these developments, entirely new industry solutions — and an entirely new school of companies — have evolved that enable marketers to maximise the scale and relevance of their display advertising like never before.

    While the new digital landscape offers marketers many options and opportunities, it can also create significant confusion about how to take best advantage of them.

    Highlights of this new guide include:

    • Background on how advertising used to work
    • Introduction to the ad exchange
    • Real Time Bidding explained
    • The current advertising technology ecosystem

    Download this free guide now.

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  • The CMO Solution Guide to Programmatic Marketing

    06 November 2014

    The majority of marketers manage at least 20% of their ad budgets programmatically, and two thirds are planning to double that spend over the next 12 months¹.

    This shift is easy to understand: Programmatic is providing greater performance, transparency and ROI for brand’s budgets, plus marketing messages can be targeted and sequenced over an entire (cross-platform) consumer lifecycle.

    Despite brands’ eager adoption, there is still a knowledge gap regarding what it is and what it does. The CMO Club and MediaMath surveyed 225 CMOs to understand their awareness and investment in programmatic.

    Download this report to see how leading brands are implementing programmatic, in order to efficiently and effectively drive marketing ROI.

    ¹ AdExchanger

    Sponsored by: MediaMath
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  • New Opportunities from Enabling Technology in the Media and Entertainment Industries

    06 November 2014

    The Media and Entertainment industry will be worth $64 billion in 2018, up from $45 billion projected for 2015. 

    This growth is in no small part due to developing platforms (such as mobile and Smart TVs) affording new opportunities for consumer engagement. In turn, consumers expect their favourite TV shows to be available across devices, and for distributors to facilitate an experience beyond just streamed video. 

    For marketers, these consumer demands have led to new platforms becoming available and increasing tactics for engagement, which can deliver targeted and integrated advertising campaigns.

    Download this expert report to discover the current landscape of the Media and Entertainment industry, supported by five case studies from brands such as UKTV, Toshiba and Ikea.

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  • Programmatic Marketing - Demystifying Real-Time Advertising

    04 December 2014

    In the UK, real-time advertising accounts for 14% of brands' total display ad spend, which is an 80% increase from 2013¹. Some brands are making real-time buying the core focus of their marketing strategy, such as Procter and Gamble, who are planning on buying 70% of their digital ads programmatically by the end of the year.

    With such huge growth sweeping across the digital landscape, every marketer today needs to understand how programmatic buying can help them run efficient, personalised and ultimately more profitable campaigns.

    In this live webcast, Brand Republic in association with The CMO Club and MediaMath will be looking at the results of their survey conducted with 225 marketers, in order to understand the benefits and how to overcome the challenges of adopting programmatic advertising.

    Register now and discover:

    • The mechanics of programmatic buying and its effectiveness
    • How to overcome barriers when applying data to marketing campaigns
    • Effective ways of working with internal and external teams to execute a revenue driven marketing practice

    ¹ Infectious Media’s "Intelligent Real-Time Advertising"

    Nadine Dietz, SVP of CMO Content Leadership, The CMO Club
    Dave Reed, Managing Director, EMEA, MediaMath
    Moderated by Georgia Cockerell, Head of Content, Brand Republic Insight
    1 hour
    Sponsored by: MediaMath
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  • A Marketer’s Guide to Navigating the Internet of Things

    13 October 2014

    There are over 50 billion connected devices that together form the Internet of Things, which Cisco predicts to be a $14 trillion revenue opportunity.

    As a marketer, the challenge is navigating this landscape of connected devices to understand how valuable data can be captured to provide actionable insights.

    In this expert report, we examine the steps to implementing an IoT strategy with tips on how to overcome the obstacles:

    • How best to acquire and manage data across devices
    • How to use this data to create connected experiences that resonate with consumers
    • How the connected experience can nurture and enhance loyal customers

    Plus, read the inclusive case study from Nike, describing how they created a holistic online and offline experience using data from their FuelBrand product.

    Click below to see how an IoT focus can create new opportunities for your brand.

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  • Don't Let Porn And Terrorism Ruin Your Brand: Video Advertising Done Properly

    08 October 2014

    In the first six months of 2014, UK firms spent a record £3.5 billion on digital advertising, which included a 196% increase in mobile video advertising when compared to 2013¹.

    Online video advertising has proved an effective way to deliver bespoke content to increasingly elusive consumers. As an example, millennials are now more accessible via YouTube than any US cable network.

    Marketers need strategies to engage these self-directed consumers. Programmatic buying makes this possible on a large scale by bringing the advertiser into a one-to-one relationship with the consumer.

    However, the theory does not always go to plan. Major brands, such as Nissan and Tesco, have found their programmatic video strategy land them next to highly objectionable content.

    Download this expert report for:

    • Key strategies to avoid the pitfalls of programmatic 
    • Tips to help ensure your brand’s safety
    • An overview of the mechanics behind programmatic advertising

    ¹ Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC

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  • From Conversation to Conversion: Is Your Webstore Performing?

    24 September 2014

    In a competitive marketplace, brands have to maintain a high ROI whilst ensuring a presence on the multiple channels and platforms now available to consumers. However, to make cross-channel investment efficient, any touch-point interaction or conversation started with a consumer must have the maximum chance of becoming a conversion.

    So, what ingredients does a website need to encourage a purchase?

    Download this expert report to learn actionable insights into optimising your brand’s website, strengthening your overall e-commerce foundation with SEO, and the current best practices from online retailers.

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  • Real-Time Advertising Best Practices for Travel Advertisers

    18 September 2014

    The travel vertical is arguably the most saturated when it comes to the number of advertisers competing for consumer's attention online. With cost a primary consideration, consumers shop around and do more research than ever before.

    For travel companies this means that they need a multi-channel marketing approach which focuses on driving incremental sales. Real-time advertising presents an opportunity for advertisers to adopt an always-on component focused on reaching the consumers who are most likely to convert.

    This best practices guide will discuss the unique challenges facing travel advertisers and present opportunities for savvy marketers to get ahead of the game with advanced tactics.

    The guide is also available in French and German.

    Sponsored by: Quantcast
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  • Social Login 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Consumer Identity

    15 September 2014

    A recent survey found that 30% of marketers plan to implement social login in 2015¹. What’s more, it is predicted that by 2016, 50% of new customer identities in retail will be based on social network profiles².

    In today’s multi-channel environment and with the increasing deluge of consumer data, it is difficult for brands to get an accurate view of customers. However, brands using social login can acquire permission-based access to first-party identity data that can provide a cross-channel understanding of consumers’ interests, actions and behaviours.

    In this extensive expert report, social networks are examined as key identity providers, and social login trends, best practices and case studies are shared to illustrate how social login can be used to streamline the registration process, collect permission-based customer insights, and much more.

    Download this free report now.

    ¹ Forrester

    ² Gartner

    Sponsored by: Gigya
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  • The Empowered Digital Customer – How Are CMOs Stepping Up To The Challenge?

    10 September 2014

    As part of IBM’s Global C-Suite study, 524 CMOs were interviewed, revealing their current challenges and future plans. With two-thirds admitting they were not ready to cope with social media, and 82% under-prepared with the continuing data explosion, the study exposed some must see marketing insights.

    The report compares 2011’s study to 2013, and in doing so defines the trends found in the evolving marketing landscape. As CMOs have increasingly more say in developing business strategy, this gives further indication of how we can expect to see organisations adapt over the next few years.

    With statistics and firsthand accounts, top CMOs are split into three distinct groups, and discuss their next steps. Download the report to discover which category your marketing team and organisation is in, and what strategies the industry as a whole is deploying.

    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Programmatic Advertising – Six Key Trends That Marketers Need To Understand

    08 September 2014

    25% of digital video advertising is currently sold via programmatic means, and this is anticipated to rise to 70% in the next three years. By 2017, programmatic advertising will account for more than half of all digital advertising transactions.

    Starting out as an efficient way to sell off remnant digital inventory, programmatic has continuously evolved. From facilitating real-time bidding for online impressions, it now encompasses managing and optimising customer engagement in a multi-channel environment.

    As audiences fragment across channels and devices, programmatic advertising is increasingly becoming a necessary investment for brands and their marketers. The result, with correct implementation and segmentation, is precise and bespoke delivery of marketing content.

    Download this expert report to discover the 6 key trends to follow in order to understand customers in the programmatic marketing space.

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  • Technology for Marketers: Are You Engaging Effectively?

    23 July 2014

    The year 2013 saw a 50% increase in web traffic from mobiles and tablets. Brands are quickly adapting to this trend, and over the next three years are predicted to spend 50% more on their digital and mobile tech.¹

    It's clear that marketing and technology are becoming intertwined, and the roles in an organisation increasingly blurred. As such, solution providers must start appealing to this IT marketer hybrid.

    Some companies, such as Google and Apple, deliver a clear market-focused explanation of their solutions, however, many other organisations are falling short. With purchasing decisions moving to the domain of marketers, technology companies must start speaking their language.

    Brand Republic and Ruder Finn surveyed decision-makers in medium and large enterprises, and revealed both the mistakes and what works when communicating a technology solution to them. The report contains statistics, expert commentary and examples of what brands really want to hear.

    ¹ Cisco Visual Networking Index

    Sponsored by: Rudderfin
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  • Brand Experience, Multichannel Personalisation & Marketing Automation - Making it Work For You

    22 July 2014

    The necessity for brands to communicate with their customers through highly targeted and personalised messages is now fundamental to ‘good’ marketing. 

    However in this multi-channel era, the average customer journey and buying cycle is becoming increasingly difficult to define. Therefore, marketing automation is now more important than ever in order for brands to effectively deliver a truly customer centric marketing strategy. 

    To quote Forrester Research, “marketing automation captures buyer behaviour - the greatest untapped asset marketers have.”¹

    Download this white paper for 10 top tips to ensure your marketing automation platform becomes one of the best investments you’ll ever make. 

    ¹ The New Physics Of Lead-To-Revenue Management (Forrester, 2013)

    Sponsored by: RedEye
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  • Integrating Real-Time with Cross-Channel Marketing: The Key to Seamless Experiences?

    15 July 2014

    Customers assume they can find your brand on multiple channels, and increasingly they expect to experience a single journey across these channels. With real-time insights and a knowledge of when, where and how to engage customers, brands can deliver highly effective and personalised marketing messages.

    At Brand Republic, we are interested in hearing where your brand is in its cross-channel and real-time journey, and what challenges you are facing.

    Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey, and as a thank you we will:

    •  Enter you in a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch Tablet 
    •  Send you the survey results, to see where your peers stand 
    •  We’ll send you an expert report based on the findings of this survey

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 15th October 2014.

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  • Creating a Digital Strategy to Provide Exceptional Digital Experiences

    07 July 2014

    By 2017, there will be 3.9 billion mobile subscribers.¹ For brands to capitalise on this huge growth, they must evolve with the changing digital landscape, and implement a strategy on both personal and every-day use items (e.g. TVs and vehicles).

    If brands do so, the opportunities are endless. Some recognise this, and put their digital plans at the heart of their business strategy. But others are behind in offering a consistent omni-channel experience.

    This expert report (with case studies) looks at how the rise of digital devices offers new insights into consumer behaviour and how this information can be used to generate customised and seamless digital experiences across all touchpoints.

    Download your free copy and find out how your brand can create an exceptional digital experience.

    ¹ 2GSMA's "The Mobile Economy" (2013)

    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Social Media – How Better KPIs Can Measure, Guide and Maximise Your ROI

    02 July 2014

    Only “8% of companies can determine ROI for all of their social media spending.” ¹

    In a multi-channel digital world, it is necessary for brands to have clear and achievable social media goals. By doing so, they can turn insights into actions that produce tangible results. If they don’t, then their social presence is reduced to hope and guess work.

    So, what makes a successful social media campaign? To answer this, we must look beyond just positive and negative online sentiment, and deep into a brand’s business plan and each department’s aims.

    For example, marketers might want to track a hashtag campaign, whereas a PR team wish to monitor the fallout from a crisis, but both need to understand the impact on the overall brand.

    Useful KPIs measure and then deliver. They can be used to pick out meaningful interaction, enlist support of brand advocates, and inform future strategies. In this expert report, Synthesio delves into the benefits and science of creating KPIs for greater ROI.

    ¹ Companies continue to struggle with social media measurement: report - Econsultancy

    Sponsored by: Synthesio
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  • How To Succeed As A Multi-Channel Retailer In 2014

    07 February 2014

    Customer demands are at an all time high. They’re shopping in more places across multiple devices and expect a connected, personalised experience wherever they engage with your brand. If they don’t get it they will go elsewhere.

     So retailers must get smart about how they interact with consumers throughout the purchase journey to engage and entice them at every touch point. Are you optimised to engage customers in 2014?

    Bazaarvoice is the leader in helping the world’s leading brands to bring the voice of the customer to the centre of business strategy.  This expert report will help you to

    • Enhance the customer experience with data-driven personalisation
    • Accelerate the purchase cycle with a holistic, omni-channel customer approach
    • Reach more customers through optimised mobile touch points

    Download the free expert report today to keep up with shifting customer needs in 2014 and drive more revenue to your bottom line.

    2 pages
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  • Technology For Marketers: Are Suppliers Meeting Your Needs?

    04 February 2014

    Technology investment is the focus for every forward-thinking organisation in 2014 and consequently huge new revenue streams are opening up for technology companies.

    This survey will research the changing buying dynamics and preferences of the marketing and communications department and explore how the strategies of tech marketers stack up.

    • To what extent is the marketing and comms department now involved in technology purchasing?
    • Who are the key decision makers?
    • How well do technology companies communicate with marketers looking to buy their products?
    • How can technology companies improve their marketing strategies and unlock revenue from this growing market?

    Whether you’re a tech marketer or a tech buyer or both, we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

    Take part in our quick 5 minute survey and as a thank you we will:

    • Enter you into a prize draw to win an iPad mini!*
    • Send you the survey summary results and a copy of the expert report informed by the survey results

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11.59pm 31st March.

    1 page
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  • Online Retailers: 13 Costly Mistakes On Comparison Shopping Engines And How to Avoid Them

    15 January 2014

    With online and particularly mobile shopping set to rise again in 2014, the comparison shopping engine (CSE) comes into its own. But some retailers still aren’t making the most of it.

    The opportunities are numerous and successful optimisation will undoubtedly help to attract customers and increase your sales. Yet there are some pitfalls along the way.

    So whether you are new to comparison shopping engines or a seasoned pro, it's vital to avoid any costly mistakes. To help you steer clear of slip-ups, we've compiled a list of 13 common mistakes with tips on how to avoid them so you can improve your conversions.

    Download your free copy here.

    5 pages
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  • A Multi-Dimensional View Of The Digitally Engaged Consumer: Understanding The Christmas Shopper’s Behaviour

    28 November 2013

    Many organisations are rising to the challenges presented by the new ‘technology empowered’ consumer and are adapting their marketing strategies to deliver more engaging, personalised customer experiences.

    But even for the savviest marketers, staying abreast of consumer needs at the busiest (and most profitable) shopping time of year can be challenging.

    This paper demonstrates how a single-source methodology can help marketers to harness insights of today’s consumer at a multi-dimensional level, and uncover new insights for advertisers around purchase intent vs. actual behaviour. This 1:1 approach was developed to further understand motives and behaviours of the digitally engaged consumer.

    Download your free copy here to discover:

    • Key Christmas shopping behaviours and patterns
    • How different channels (online, offline and mobile) define purchasing behaviours
    • Which days of the year to concentrate your marketing budget for best ROI
    • Shopping intentions vs. behaviours

    Authors: Maria Domoslawska and Heather Dougherty

    11 pages
    Sponsored by: Research Now
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  • Multichannel Creativity, Social And Celebrities: A Formula For True Marketing Success

    25 November 2013

    This expert report is a must read for all brand marketers looking to run a wide-reaching integrated campaign to drive commercial or behavioural change.

    This is the story of how Kindred, a communications agency borne out of the merger of an advertising agency, a PR shop and a digital outfit, took an unfashionable product and defeated brand sceptics by out-smarting them.

    The product: the humble glass of milk.

    Sales of milk in the UK had been in decline for 20 years and the dairy product was rapidly falling out of favour. The UK dairy industry, in the shape of the Milk Marketing Forum (MMF) consortium, took on this seemingly insurmountable marketing challenge. From a field of six agencies, Kindred emerged as the winner of a contract to deliver a fully integrated three year campaign to include advertising, PR and digital.

    This expert report describes their journey of behaviour-shifting marketing excellence over the three years. It depicts their innovative use of a range of channels and tactics during a pivotal period that witnessed the fragmentation of media into owned, earned and bought.

    Download your free copy here.

    10 pages
    Sponsored by: Kindred
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  • Real-time Personalisation: Increase The Value of Every Customer Interaction

    03 February 2014

    Personalisation is on the rise as companies strive to meet customer expectations for a more bespoke and relevant experience. When used effectively, the rewards of personalisation can be enormous—increasing sales, enhancing online conversion rates, boosting average order value, driving cross sell and up sell initiatives as well as strengthening customer loyalty and retention. 

    Now enters the newer idea of real-time personalization—this is not just making advance decisions about what message a customer will see the next time you interact with them, but being prepared to make a decision during a live interaction about what personalized message to present.

    So do you understand the full scope of real-time personalisation? And how can you cash in?

    In this expert report we answer the fundamental questions that define real-time personalisation and design a framework to help you build an effective and comprehensive real-time marketing personalisation strategy.

    Download your free copy here.

    8 pages
    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Engaging With Empowered Customers

    28 October 2013

    The fundamental rules of customer engagement have changed. Customers now rely on information from many sources and engage with each other to discuss your brand, products and services. They are also engaging more deeply with brands than ever before. 

    The challenge for marketers is to find ways to engage effectively with your customers across multiple channels in a seamless, truly conversational way. According to a recent McKinsey quarterly report, having the ability to engage customers and leverage those relationships is today’s number one digital marketing challenge.

    Download this free expert report for proven tips on how to:

    • Engage more deeply with your customers and prospects to drive more conversions
    • Create greater customer loyalty and increase lifetime customer value
    • Generate more referrals and word-of-mouth advertising

    10 pages
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  • Escaping The Multichannel Marketing Maze

    28 October 2013

    Multichannel marketing is now a mature concept, universally regarded as a common sense approach to marketing. Yet managing multichannel marketing is still a challenge for many brands. 

    The greatest challenge is in trying to integrate different channels and their accompanying management and analytics systems together. This integration of different systems, often siloed or ‘bolt on’ solutions, means marketers are focusing more on the operational complexity to make multichannel work, rather than the end goal – to reach customers, nurture leads and deploy more engaging experiences.

    This expert report is based on a survey with 120 marketers from leading UK organisations. It reveals that 85-90% of marketers are either facing challenges with multichannel marketing or are working hard to make breakthroughs with multichannel. 

    Download your free copy here for detailed insight into the challenges affecting your peers and key strategies on how to overcome them.

    18 pages
    Sponsored by: Sitecore
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  • Big Questions Live - Social Media, User Generated Content and the Power of Customer Insight

    04 July 2013

    Brand Republic’s first ever online TV show, Big Questions Live will be streamed live from RSA House in London on July 4th 2013 at 3.30pm BST.

    Chaired by Matt Burgess, Brand Building Director for Unilever, the show will feature a panel of digital directors from Just Eat, Universal Music and Betfair answering questions posed by our live studio and online audiences.

    All customers have the potential to become your brand advocates, driving profit for your business through positive endorsement, insight and product analysis. But to harness the real value here, companies must give their customers a voice and ensure that they are well placed to listen to and act upon it.

    In a live debate with audience interaction, our speakers will offer case studies and advice on how you can best collect customer insight and utilise the power of user generated content across digital channels from social media to online feedback, loyalty, ratings and reviews. 

    The topics raised will give marketers the tools and knowledge to take social media and user-generated content to the next level. 

    • The Value of Your Customer’s Digital Voice
    • The Power of Authentic User Generated Content
    • Empowering Brand Advocates
    • The Future Consumer

    Register now to get your questions answered by our speakers live on air.

    Ben Carter, Global Head of Digital, Betfair
    Paul Smernicki, Head of Digital, Universal Music UK
    Tess Tucker, Group Digital Marketing Director, Just-Eat
    Moderated by Matt Burgess, Brand Building Director, Unilever
    Sponsored by: BazaarVoice
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  • Internet Shopping: 6 Quick Wins to Revive Your Online Sales

    16 May 2013

    With UK consumers spending an average of £1,083 a year online, internet shopping is now more popular in the UK than in any other country in the world. But how can you stay on top of this exploding trend, refreshing your offering to boost customer engagement and increase sales?

    This eBook offers 6 quick wins to help you bolster your eBay sales. Whether you’ve been selling on eBay for a while or you’re just starting up, this tip sheet will help you to revive your offering and connect with an expanding pool of internet shoppers.

    10 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Digital Integration: Connecting the Dots

    18 June 2013

    Integrated digital marketing offers huge opportunities to engage, service, and support customers. Yet presenting a consistent brand experience across several touch points comes with its challenges. If you’re working globally with a large team of people, how can you collaborate effectively, creatively and securely?

    In this Brand Republic webcast, we offer insights for both agencies and brands to help you share ideas, coordinate your campaigns and drive value to your bottom line:

    • For both international and internal communications, learn how to present a holistic, consistent brand experience across multiple digital touch points
    • As an agency hear how you can save time and money to create tangible value for existing clients and win new accounts
    • Through better coordination, tap into the creative talent of your global teams and spark innovation in your campaigns

    Richard Huré, Technical Director, Fred&Farid
    Jerome Cohen, International Business Unit Manager Media & Communication, Oodrive
    Moderated by Noelle McElhatton, Special Projects Editor, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: Oodrive
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  • Content Marketing in Practice: Captivate and Convert

    23 April 2013

    Brand storytelling, when done right, allows marketers to lead customers on a journey, captivating them and inspiring them to convert. A recent move by Coca-Cola has seen their corporate website transform into a “dynamic, digital magazine” aiming to tell their brand story in a creative, refreshing way. Macmillan Cancer Support's current 'Not alone' campaign tells a powerful story and drives donations as it brings Macmillan front of mind for cancer patients and their friends and families. 

    So as more and more organisations jump on the content marketing bandwagon, this Brand Republic webcast reveals what it takes to build a flexible strategy with a unified brand message that truly resonates with your audience.

    Tune in live as we reveal the results of our survey on content marketing and hear:

    • How to create rich content and engaging, interactive user experiences across video, mobile and social media
    • How to successfully translate this customer engagement to your bottom line
    • Who is best placed to create the content within your team. Is creating imaginative content instinctive or can it be taught?
    • How to coordinate and manage your content marketing strategy to create a unified voice and message across multiple channels

    Alastair Mackie, Head of Digital Development, Advertising, Financial Times
    Louise Bolt, Digital Marketing Officer, Macmillan Cancer Support
    Steve Smith, Managing Director, Ear to the Ground
    Moderated by Georgia Cockerell, Head of Content, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: Huddle
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  • The Future of Online Shopping: 4 Trends to Watch in 2013

    05 March 2013

    With UK consumers spending an average of £1,083 a year online, internet shopping is now more popular in the UK than in any other country in the world. With this value set to double in the next five years, how do you utilise this exploding trend in order to increase your sales and reach new customers?

    This eBook describes Google Shopping, how it affects UK retailers and what to consider when planning your new comparison shopping strategies with Google. Download it now and find out how to bring your sales catalogue to life and connect with new shoppers on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

    9 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Online Retailers: Stepping up to the Challenge of Digital in 2013

    05 February 2013

    The online retail industry is developing at a rapid pace; evolving in line with new technology, with the multi-platform nature of the modern shopper’s purchase journey and the ever increasing expectations of consumers. Digital engagement is no longer just happening at home or at work but on the go as well and the advent of 4G services will greatly enhance the mobile internet experience. Retailers are looking to innovative ways to cater for the connected consumer’s requirements. Amongst the mix of technology and systems, channels and platforms, domestic and international markets, the need to focus on what the customer wants must form the core of all investment decisions.
    This expert report reveals the latest research with retailers to provide insights into the current state of the market, looking at the important trends and innovations that make up 2013’s online experience. From social media and mobile to emerging platforms and emerging countries download this comprehensive guide and discover what flexible, savvy retailers must do to stay ahead of the curve.

    32 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • The Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know For 2013

    16 July 2013

    Which digital marketing trends will take off in 2013? To get the big picture, Brand Republic asked 200 marketers about which channels performed best for them last year.

    This hard-hitting report reveals the most insightful findings from the survey and features success stories from brands like IKEA and McDonald's.

    Download this report, which is brought to you by Citrix GoToWebinar, to discover the 3 Cs of modern digital marketing:

    • Channels: From email through to mobile, social and webinars, what is working and why?
    • Content: What innovation and messaging is driving the most engagement?
    • Cash: How can the latest channels and ideas ultimately help your bottom line in 2013

    By clicking on the link to download this file you will receive exclusive industry research, webinars and content specific to your field from Citrix GoToWebinar.

    6 pages
    Sponsored by: GoToWebinar
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  • Multiple Digital Touch Points: One Voice

    30 January 2013

    Powering a consistent brand message across a multichannel campaign calls for seamless collaboration. So if you’re working with a large team of people, often stationed in different places, choosing the right messages and channels whilst keeping everything in sync and on deadline can seem like an impossible task.

    This Brand Republic webcast offers practical insights to help you synchronise your multichannel campaigns and boost ROI:

    -    Keep teams connected and collaborating with anytime, anywhere mobile and cloud access
    -    Integrate your campaigns by choosing the right digital channels for your brand’s message
    -    Stay ahead of the curve and keep innovating to ensure your message resonates and sparks engagement with your target audience

    Matt Muniz, Head of Integrated Communications, Andrex
    Dolan Hewison, Projects and Personnel Director, Ear to the Ground Agency
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: Huddle
    - - - - -
  • Inventive Strategies to Win Over the Student Market

    24 January 2013

    With the average student spending over 3.7 hours a day online and a combined spending power of more than £13 billion, the student market can be a highly lucrative one. The ongoing rapid development of this group means creating innovative communication strategies and forecasting trends to keep up with spending patterns is increasingly vital.
    In this live Brand Republic webcast we provide you with insights into the latest student trends, attitudes and lifestyles to help you focus your campaigns, making them more relevant, exciting and profitable.

    •    Email marketing: Discover which content resonates best with students and the optimum time to target them
    •    Social media: Identify how to connect with your target audience, capturing and retaining their interest
    •    Mobile: Learn how to integrate mobile seamlessly into your student marketing strategy
    •    Online advertising: Target your ads to win trust and enhance click through rates

    Keith Parkman, Head of Sales, UCAS Media
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: UCAS Media
    - - - - -
  • Digital on Trial: Harness 2012's Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013

    05 December 2012

    As the dust settles on a volatile year for digital marketing, with new channels gathering prominence and others falling by the wayside, this live webinar will reveal what we should take from 2012 to drive digital growth in the year ahead. Tune in to this interactive webinar for real answers to the big questions:

    • Channels: from email through to mobile, social and webinars what is working and why?
    • Content: what innovation and messaging is driving the most engagement?
    • Cash: how can the latest channels and ideas ultimately help your bottom line in 2013

    Christelle Chan, Marketing Director,
    Jacqui O'Beirne, Head of Digital Marketing, Dogs Trust
    Alastair Mackie, Head of Digital Development, Advertising, Financial Times
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: GoToWebinar
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  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Integrate to Accumulate

    06 November 2012

    Exploring multi-channel integration with Andrex and IBM - one of the most engaging sessions from the Brand Republic Virtual Summit ‘Digital Innovation: Future Thinking and Growth Trends’.
    In the webcast, Matt Muniz, Head of Integrated Communications for Andrex explains how to choose the right channels, how to lead and innovate so that your brand stands out and how to tie everything together to spark engagement.
    Here is just some of the feedback we had:
     “Excellent, engaging, bright and personal and made me reach for the notepad”
     “Their statistics are wholly impressive and the energy and enthusiasm was really visible and immediately transferrable”
    “Fabulous personal energy and insight”

    Gordon O'Keeffe, EMM Solutions Consultant, IBM
    Matt Muniz, Head of Integrated Communications, Andrex
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: IBM
    - - - - -
  • Digital On Trial: Harness 2012’s Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013

    31 October 2012

    As the dust settles on a volatile year for digital marketing, with new channels gathering prominence and others falling by the wayside, this survey focuses on what we should take from 2012 to drive digital growth in the year ahead.

    Take part in our quick 10 question survey ‘Digital On Trial: Harness 2012’s Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013’ and…

    • Receive a copy of the whitepaper informed by the results of this survey featuring tips on where you shoudl focus your efforts and how you can spark digital growth in the year ahead
    • Receive the answers to the survey to reveal where your marketing peers stand in comparison
    • Receive details on the live webinar on 5th December informed by the results of this survey

    Sponsored by: GoToWebinar
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  • 1700 Global Chief Marketing Officers Identify 2012's Biggest Challenges and How to Overcome Them

    02 October 2012

    In a recent IBM study with 1700 Chief Marketing Officers, the four biggest challenges identified were the explosion of data, social media, the proliferation of channels and devices and shifting consumer demographics. These factors are serving as catalysts for change and the struggle we all face is how to turn those challenges into opportunities.
    Download this expert report for valuable insights and practical tips from 1700 CMOs worldwide to help you cash in on the opportunities presented by an evolving multi-channel world.

    72 pages
    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Single Customer Journey, Multi-Channel World: How Close Are You?

    27 September 2012

    In a recent IBM study with 1700 CMOs, the four biggest challenges identified were the explosion of data, social media, the proliferation of channels and devices and shifting consumer demographics. These factors are serving as catalysts for change and the struggle we all face is how to turn those challenges into opportunities. So how can you manage the increasing complexity of today’s environment?

    Take part in our short 8 question survey on how CMOs are cashing in on “a single customer journey” in a multi-channel world and...

    1. Be entered into a draw to win £150 worth of Amazon vouchers*
    2. Receive the answers to the survey to reveal where your marketing peers stand in comparison
    3. Receive a copy of IBM's CMO study with more than 1700 CMOs worldwide with practical tips on how to manage the increasing complexity of the today's environment

    *Terms and conditions apply. Competition now closed.

    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Digital Behavioural Data... What's Worth Analysing And How Could It Lift Sales?

    30 October 2012

    - With so many customer touchpoints online, understand where to start in analysing this abundance of data

    - Learn how to turn multichannel analysis into actionable behavioural insight

    - Based on real case-studies, hear how to translate digital behavioural insight into conversions

    Dan Burke, VP Business Discovery, Autonomy
    Will Cook, VP Multichannel Marketing, HP Autonomy
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Audiocast Slides
    Sponsored by: HP Autonomy
    * * * * *
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Create Deeper Connections With Consumers to Win Loyalty and Drive Profit

    04 October 2012

    Marketers are missing out on revenue as cash falls through the cracks between different digital channels across the customer journey. From email to social media to mobile, digital integration has never been so important for building engaging, long lasting and profitable relationships with consumers.

    In this webcast, Rippleffect and Sitecore tell the story of ‘Dave’, a sportswear customer with a busy life, and his family.  With Dave’s story backed by business insight, we see how to seamlessly manage the customer journey between in-store and on-line, the impact of smartphones and tablet devices, why social is now engrained in everyday life – and look at the technology behind ‘bringing it all together’.   

    With an in-depth case study from easyJet we’ll help you to deliver the best customer journey using the right content and the right channel at the right time:

    -    Understand the complexities of modern customer journeys
    -    Discover the main areas of customer interaction and personalise these to gain trust and loyalty
    -    Leverage multiple digital and off-line channels to manage customer journeys, drive interaction and keep them spending

    Ben Hatton, Founder, Rippleffect
    Chris Vezey, Sales Director, Sitecore
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    Audiocast Slides
    Sponsored by: Sitecore
    - - - - -
  • Aug 2012 Forrester Report: Create a unified customer experience across digital touchpoints

    01 August 2012

    Today's digital landscape is littered with an array of touchpoints and devices; from Twitter to iPads and so on. So how can marketers ensure they deliver a consistent customer experience across a range of digital platforms?

    This complimentary Forrester report defines the key steps you need to know to build and deliver a unified customer experience when operating in a digital whirlwind.  

    17 pages
    Sponsored by: SDL
    * * * * *
  • IBM and Krispy Kreme reveal 5 steps to power personal and lucrative customer connections

    02 August 2012

    From email marketing to social media and mobile, the opportunities for rich, compelling content and interactive consumer experiences are vast.

    This live Brand Republic webcast is packed with useful case studies helping you to address the challenges of marketing to savvy connected consumers.

    Tune in for five valuable steps to help you drive engagement, interaction and sales:

    1.    COLLECT the most valuable information at every customer touch point from social media to email marketing
    2.    ANALYSE what customer insight is of most value to your business
    3.    DECIDE how to best capitalise on this insight within your campaigns
    4.    DELIVER the right messages using the right channels to drive maximum engagement and sales
    5.    MANAGE and measure your campaigns to help extract maximum value out of every single one of your customers…and prove it!

    Blair Reeves, Product Marketing Manager, IBM
    Holly Howell, Campaign Manager, Krispy Kreme
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Audiocast Slides
    Sponsored by: IBM
    * * * * *
  • Red Letter Days Video Case Study: Latest Tricks to Double Online Sales

    14 June 2012

    Affiliate marketing may not be the hottest digital marketing channel out there but retail brands could be missing a trick here. In this video, (filmed at a recent Affilinet conference) Joshna Patel, head of online for Red Letter Days reveals how affiliate marketing now makes up nearly a third of their online sales.
    Watch this video for simple tricks on how affiliate marketing can boost your bottom line.

    Hear how Red Letter days:
    -   Used customer insight and testing to identify the value of affiliate marketing within their online mix
    -   Leveraged retargeting, voucher codes and search marketing to reap the full sales potential of affiliate marketing
    -   Clearly demonstrated ROI to gain internal buy-in and evolve their programme in the most lucrative way

    Joshna Patel, Head of Online, Red Letter Days
    Sponsored by: Affilinet
    * * * * -
  • Crowdsourced Video: Open The Window To Crowdsourced Creative Video Content And Generate Greater Consumer Engagement

    17 April 2012

    Producing compelling video content is key - but how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

    With new thinking and technology comes the pioneering effect of crowdsourced video - the crucial ingredient to the most original, entertaining and engaging programming for your brand or business in years, and for years to come.

    Download this expert report to find out how the persuasive power of video can help drive your brands marketing, consumer engagement and ultimately online purchases.

    - Hear how innovative video content on your website and social media can boost your email marketing, online advertising and sales

    - Gain insight on how to produce a good brief for the video maker

    - Watch a selection of best practice case study videos by the crowdsourcing experts Userfarm, which have helped clients engage their consumers more effectively.

    9 pages
    Sponsored by: Userfarm
    - - - - -