Market Research

  • The threat to tradition and the fight for talent

    10 May 2016

    People are connecting with brands and consuming media in so many ways and from many different channels. Today’s agencies are confronted with a whole host of fresh challenges as traditional marketing practices, client needs, and industry demands evolve. 

    Agencies must ensure they stay ahead of the curve and find the right creative talent, even as the number of experienced full-time agency workers shrinks. 

    This Brand Republic Insight webinar, in partnership with Deltek, will examine:

    • How the emergence of new technologies is changing the way businesses operate and creating new, versatile marketers and creatives
    • What it means for traditional agency models, and how they can adapt to maintain their creative edge
    • How agencies can benefit from the shift in the workforce, continuing to attract talent
    • Understanding how to use freelancers in a streamlined and cost-effective way to ensure maximum ROI

    Stephen Maher, CEO, MBA
    Ray Kieser , Global Practice Director: Marcoms , Deltek
    Charlie Rudd, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather London
    Moderated by Edward Craig, Head of Content Solutions, Brand Republic
    Sponsored by: Deltek
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  • Curation + Creation

    09 March 2016

    With consumers getting their daily fix of news online, the importance of social media in news discovery and consumption is growing. 

    Some news providers regard social media as a threat – but others are attracting and retaining customers through new social media curation technologies.

    In this whitepaper, Brand Republic and Crowdynews explore how forward-thinking publishers are using new and emerging technologies to curate social content on their own sites – adding new opportunities for original content, enhancing their authority and growing profits.

    Sponsored by: Crowdynews
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  • How To Use Online Reviews To Drive Your Business

    09 October 2015

    90% of consumer purchase decisions are affected by online reviews. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers demand transparency and it is the task of brands to match this expectation.

    In this expert report, developed in partnership with Trustpilot, we will reveal the results of our exclusive survey, providing a comprehensive overview of the key areas brands are focusing on, how brands are soliciting and engaging with online reviews and how to overcome the challenges of consumer feedback.

    We will uncover:

    • How to deal with negative reviews and create a band of brand advocates
    • Which metrics to employ in order to draw clear and actionable insights from online reviews
    • The power of online reviews throughout the purchase funnel

    Source: Dimensional Research

    Sponsored by: Trustpilot
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  • Forrester Report: How To Engage and Amplify Consumer Experiences Across Every Touchpoint

    12 May 2015

    Web content management (WCM) software has become the technology and content delivery backbone of digital experiences.

    Organisations that want to upgrade for mobile devices, consolidate websites, or expand digital experiences to every customer touchpoint must choose a solid web content management product.

    Forrester has evaluated 10 vendors — Acquia, Adobe, Ektron, EPiServer, HP, IBM, OpenText, Oracle, SDL, and Sitecore — on 36 criteria for current offering, strategy, and market presence.

    In this report, Forrester focusses on capabilities such as content and experience management, delivery, and optimization as well as on mobile support, cloud deployment, and integration with components such as marketing and commerce. 

    Sponsored by: Sitecore
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  • How to Increase Revenue & Reduce Acquisition Costs Through Testing and Optimising Your Website

    27 April 2015

    The majority of digital savvy businesses have marketing strategies in place aimed at driving good traffic to their website. Many of those businesses optimise their acquisition campaigns to ensure they get the most out of their spend, but only a minority have started optimising their website and customer journeys to improve the conversion rate once potential customers arrive on site. Over recent years, digital marketers’ attention on CRO has intensified and many marketers now describe it as a crucial part of their overall marketing strategy.

    With significant ROI, customer insights and business changing competitive advantage, Brand Republic, in association with PRWD, want to understand Marketers views on CRO. 

    As a thank you, we will:

    • Share with you the anonymised survey results, so you can benchmark your progress against peers.
    • Enter you into a prize draw for an hour Conversion Optimisation consultancy free of charge with PRWD Founder & Director of Optimisation, Paul Rouke.*
    • AND, enter you in a prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch Tablet*

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st July 2015.

    Sponsored by: PRWD
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  • Creativity vs. Productivity: How Process Inefficiencies Are Undermining Marketing Creativity

    22 April 2015

    70% of marketers said process inefficiencies are “somewhat” or “very” detrimental to creativity.

    The consequence of these shortcomings, as a recent Brand Republic and Workfront survey revealed, extend beyond affecting the quality of work marketers produce, but severely increase work hours and reduce opportunities for employee development and growth.

    However, isolating the processes not fit for purpose and identifying solutions is a challenge for marketing teams. In this expert report, we look at how to do away with issues such as excess spreadsheets and ‘fire drills’, in order to maximise time for doing what marketers do best – create.

    Click below to download the paper, which includes all the results from our exclusive survey conducted with 340 decision-making marketers.

    Sponsored by: Workfront
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  • How to Leverage Online Reviews for Maximum Impact

    04 March 2015

    In the social age, it is impossible for brands to avoid consumer opinion – good or bad – being in the public domain, often on a mass scale. What sets brands apart, however, is whether this unabating feedback is embraced or, more importantly, used to inform strategy and bring about positive change.

    Here at Brand Republic Insight, in partnership with Trustpilot, we want to know what an ideal review platform would provide your brand and how you are utilising reviews in your organisation. Plus, what the key challenges or concerns are when it comes to soliciting online feedback and putting the insight into action.

    The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete, and as a thank you we will:

    • Send you top level findings from the survey, to benchmark your brand against competitors
    • Enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win an Apple Watch*
    • Send you an expert report and invite you to a webinar based on the exclusive survey results

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st May 2015.

    Sponsored by: Trustpilot
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  • How Are Marketing Process Inefficiencies Impacting On Your Team's Creativity and Productivity?

    26 January 2015

    73% of people work more hours than they are paid, and 80% are responding to emails at home.¹

    Marketers are creative by their nature but work in an environment with significant challenges. A tiring mix of massive workloads, tricky client demands, new (unexpected) projects and a marketplace that never sleeps means that consistently creating world-class compelling output is a challenge.

    Here at Brand Republic Insight, in partnership with Workfront (formerly AtTask), we want to know how your team or department manage workloads and respond to these challenges. Plus, what the real impact of marketing process inefficiencies is on your work.

    The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete, and as a thank you we will:

    • Send you top level findings of the survey, which will identify key trends
    • Enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win an iPad Air 2 16GB*
    • Send you an expert report based on the findings of the survey

    ¹ IRAS & Employerbility 2013's Workplace Productivity Survey Summary

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 31st March 2015.

    Sponsored by: Workfront
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  • Women and the Female Paradox

    17 November 2014

    Based on 2CV’s primary research with over 1,000 men and women, this paper explores the evolving aspirations and pressures facing the contemporary woman.

    In the last 40 years, women have seen an unprecedented increase in the opportunities that society affords them. From a position of constraint, modern women now have a greatly increased freedom to select their lifestyle choices, but this also means that more pressures, tensions, and compromises need to be made.

    What then should marketers consider before speaking and engaging with the modern woman? In this expert report, 2CV’s research reveals some of the things that inspire women, whilst they strive for balance and seek happiness in the modern world.

    Sponsored by: 2CV
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  • From Conversation to Conversion: Is Your Webstore Performing?

    24 September 2014

    In a competitive marketplace, brands have to maintain a high ROI whilst ensuring a presence on the multiple channels and platforms now available to consumers. However, to make cross-channel investment efficient, any touch-point interaction or conversation started with a consumer must have the maximum chance of becoming a conversion.

    So, what ingredients does a website need to encourage a purchase?

    Download this expert report to learn actionable insights into optimising your brand’s website, strengthening your overall e-commerce foundation with SEO, and the current best practices from online retailers.

    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • The Empowered Digital Customer – How Are CMOs Stepping Up To The Challenge?

    10 September 2014

    As part of IBM’s Global C-Suite study, 524 CMOs were interviewed, revealing their current challenges and future plans. With two-thirds admitting they were not ready to cope with social media, and 82% under-prepared with the continuing data explosion, the study exposed some must see marketing insights.

    The report compares 2011’s study to 2013, and in doing so defines the trends found in the evolving marketing landscape. As CMOs have increasingly more say in developing business strategy, this gives further indication of how we can expect to see organisations adapt over the next few years.

    With statistics and firsthand accounts, top CMOs are split into three distinct groups, and discuss their next steps. Download the report to discover which category your marketing team and organisation is in, and what strategies the industry as a whole is deploying.

    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Magic vs Logic - Enabling Calculated Risks

    08 September 2014

    In a Brand Republic and Ohal survey, a surprising 41% of marketers ranked “how to measure success” as the least important consideration when planning a campaign.

    As the proliferation of marketing channels grows, so does the propensity to produce data and insights. This leaves marketers under even more pressure to deliver measurable audience engagement and return on investment. Marketers are now more than ever balancing advertising based on gut instinct, experience and the ‘magic’ it creates with consumers with advertising based on the insights that data gives. 

    But, how can this be achieved without monitoring what works? Clear KPIs can give confidence and open the door to taking calculated risks in future campaigns. This is the logic that underpins the creative magic. 

    Employing marketing effectiveness tools to review previous campaigns and assess future marketing decisions can minimise uncertainty. 

    In this expert report, we review the current marketing landscape and illustrate how logical thinking can support magical campaigns.

    Download your free copy here.

    Sponsored by: Ohal
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  • Women And The Female Paradox

    11 September 2014

    Masculinity has slowly evolved from a position of male privilege. Femininity however has had to evolve from a position of constraint. But in the last 40 years socio-economic developments have lead to an unprecedented increase in opportunity for women.

    But what does this mean for modern women and those looking to market to them? More opportunities mean more choices, more pressures, more tensions and more compromises created by society, culture, and not least, women themselves.

    Modern women are striving for balance... But what does this look like? What inspires them and what do they aspire to?

    In this webcast, market research agency 2CV draw on their experience and some innovative primary research with over 1000 men and women to explore:

    •  The differences in what brings men and women happiness. 
    •  How and why this has evolved. 
    •  What traditional female archetypes look like and how these are changing. 
    •  What these mean for any marketer looking to speak and connect with modern women.

    2CV have set out to ask some difficult questions to spark a fresh discussion and thinking on marketing to women today.

    Chris Bates, Joint Head of Life & Style Practice, 2CV
    Jennifer Rice, Joint Head of Life & Style Practice, 2CV
    Becky Elliott, Senior Consumer & Market Insight Manager, L’Oreal UK&I
    Rosalind Healy, Global Consumer Marketing Director, Baileys, Diageo
    Moderated by Georgia Cockerell, Head of Content, Brand Republic Insight
    Sponsored by: 2CV
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  • What is the Real Value of Online Reviews?

    08 April 2014

    Reviews help to build trust and credibility. An increasing number of businesses are collecting customer reviews and promoting them to boost their brand and give consumers a real insight into their services. Based on a survey of 2,000 consumers commissioned by Trustpilot, 90% of consumers have been influenced to purchase through a positive online review and 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that features customer feedback.

    We are keen to learn about how you currently solicit and use customer feedback to acquire new customers, interact with them during their buying journey, harness their feedback to improve your business, and leverage advocates within your social media marketing initiatives.

    Please take a few minutes to fill out our quick Brand Republic survey, and as a thank you…

    • You'll be entered into a prize draw to win a free Xbox 360*
    • You'll also be entered into a prize draw to win a free 60-Day Trustpilot Enterprise Trial
    • You'll receive the survey results; benchmark yourself against your peers
    • You'll receive details of the live webcast and a copy of the Brand Republic expert report, informed by the results of this survey

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11:59pm 30th June.

    Sponsored by: Trustpilot
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  • How Marketing Is Taking Charge: Leading The Customer Experience

    03 February 2014

    In the United States alone, roughly $83 billion is lost each year as a result of poor customer experiences. That’s more than the revenue for the entire U.S. e-commerce retail sector. On a global scale, many businesses have yet to unlock the potential of information, technology and customer engagement to stem these losses. 

    A number of leading companies, however, are using marketing technology and information resources to take charge of the customer experience from end to end, “owning” it to improve business outcomes and achieve better financial performance. The IBM State of Marketing 2013 survey examined what these Leaders are doing to differentiate themselves in a perpetually shifting omnichannel world.

    Download this paper for fresh insights on what leading marketers are doing differently and what you need to do to match them.

    12 pages
    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Customer Experience Is Changing: Are You Leading Or Falling behind?

    20 November 2013

    Many organisations are using new technology and effective engagement systems to advance their customer management and deliver differentiating experiences.

    They’re seeking to integrate customer insight and multichannel engagement – social and mobile as well as the more traditional channels – to coordinate activities and improve the overall customer experience. 

    Marketing technology is an essential component of these efforts.  However, it’s not the technology adoption alone that matters but how well it’s integrated across channels and the business. 

    At Brand Republic, we’re surveying marketers to discover what stage you are at in your customer experience journey. We want to know your current challenges and successes and we will use the results to inform an expert report that will offer insights on how to improve your customer experience.

    Please take a few minutes to fill in the 11 question survey and as a thank you we will:

    • Enter you into a prize draw to win an HP Slate*
    • Send you a copy of the survey results and the expert report written up using the data we collect

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11.59pm 28th February 2014.

    11 questions
    Sponsored by: HP Autonomy
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  • Do You Know What Your Marketing Is Doing?

    13 November 2013

    Do you worry about whether your marketing campaigns are working? Do you have the right tools to measure, monitor and adapt your campaigns? 

    With rising pressure to prove the worth of your investment at board level, marketers need to improve both impact and revenue. Imagine an integrated solution that keeps track of your analytics, social media optimization, targeting, web experience management and cross-channel campaign management. How important would this be to you?

    We’re interested to hear your thoughts and understand your needs on measurement. Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey and we’ll:

    • Enter you into a prize draw to win a GoPro Hero 3 camera!
    • Send you the results of the survey

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11.59pm 28th February 2014.

    11 questions
    Sponsored by: Adobe
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  • The Marketing Battle: Magic vs. Logic

    22 November 2013

    Creative magic and analytics; what is the winning formula for marketing success?

    In last year’s Marketing Power 100, Unilever’s Marc Mathieu urged marketers to create magic for consumers with the mission statement of “More magic, less logic”, encouraging them to take creative risks. But how does this sit with marketing decisions based on insight from data analytics?

    Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the perfect balance between cutting edge creative campaigns that engage consumers and effective, analytical advertising that drives ROI.

    In partnership with Ohal, a global marketing effectiveness consultancy, Brand Republic is exploring how marketing directors and key decision makers arrive at their decisions.

    Take part in our quick 10 question survey and we will:

    • Enter you into a prize draw to win £200 John Lewis vouchers*
    • Send you the survey summary results and a copy of the expert report informed by the results

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11.59pm 28th February 2014.

    Sponsored by: Ohal
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  • Digital Transformation: How To Become A Customer-Activated Organisation

    05 November 2013

    Insights from a recent IBM study, with over 4,000 interviews from C-Suite executives worldwide, confirm that organisations are transforming irrevocably to place the customer at the heart of their business strategy and their future. No longer should customers be confined to traditional activities such as input on product or services. They have a crucial strategic role to play.

    But accepting customers as stakeholders in determining an organisation’s future has huge cultural and organisational implications. These businesses cannot just be customer-centric. They have to be customer-activated.

    So what does this mean and what are the opportunities and associated challenges?

    In this 10 question survey we consider three key stages to becoming customer-activated: 

    • Open up to customer influence
    • Pioneer digital – physical innovation
    • Craft engaging customer experiences 

    At each stage we ask you for your insights and would be very grateful for your feedback. We will, of course share our findings with you and as a thank you we’ll enter you into a prize draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch tablet.*

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11.59pm 27th February 2014.

    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • Can Marketers Own The Entire Customer Experience?

    22 August 2013

    Digital consumers today expect recognition when they first interact with a brand and then expect that brand to pay attention throughout their entire journey of interaction. So with this in mind, are you doing enough to connect with your customers?

    With digital channels, a constant and consistent dialogue with consumers is not only possible but fundamental to customer retention and expansion.

    To establish the best customer experience, it’s crucial to recognise the customer and any conversations they have previously had with the brand. Even if a consumer has not yet purchased a product, they have the potential to be a valuable brand advocate.  Post-purchase, the consumer needs to be recognised for making the purchase, treated differently and rewarded.

    We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this. Please take a few minutes to fill out our 11 question survey and…

    • Be entered into a prize draw to win £250 Amazon vouchers*
    • Receive a free copy of the expert report based on the results of this survey

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 11.59pm 29th November 2013.

    Sponsored by: Sitecore
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  • Reinventing Customer Experience: How Close Are You?

    11 June 2013

    Customer experience is the new currency in business and is the cost-effective solution to increase the value you gain from each individual customer. But is yours a truly customer-centric business?

    We are interested in finding out how your organisation captures and manages customer feedback and how you apply it internally to sharpen your customer focus and generate real top line growth.

    Please take a few minutes to fill out our quick Brand Republic survey and…

    • Be in with a chance to win an iPad mini*
    • Receive a copy of the expert report informed by the results of this survey
    • Receive the results to the survey to see where your peers stand in comparison

    *Terms and conditions apply. In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here.

    Sponsored by: Snap Surveys
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  • International E-Commerce: Grasping The Emerging Opportunities

    11 June 2013

    The UK has one of the most advanced e-commerce markets in the world and UK retailers have been reaping the benefits of growth at home in recent years. Now, online retailers are widening their horizons and international expansion is high on their agendas. 

    This report looks at the development of e-commerce around the world, identifying evolving global trends and focusing on the key challenges and opportunities for marketers to expand into this space.

    Download it for free here.

    • International trends and developments – how e-commerce is developing in emerging markets
    • Mobile developments – analysis on the opportunities for ‘m-commerce’ around the world
    • Social Media – consumer research on social and search engine trends around the world and what this means for marketers
    • E-Commerce policy – a snapshot on European policy changes and how they impact marketers

    16 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Mobile 2013: Top 5 Need-to-Knows to Fully Cash In

    20 May 2013

    Mobile marketing is coming of age, and the pace of change is now exponential. In 2012 alone, 1.75 billion mobiles were sold globally and mobile devices look set to become our most important communications platform, eclipsing the TV set and the desktop computer at work. 

    Analyst firm eMarketer projects a near-five fold rise in mobile ad spending from 2011 to 2017. It forecasts that US advertisers will devote $27.13bn (£18bn) to mobile representing, which is around 45% of all digital ad spend and 13.8% of total media spend.

    For brands, navigating this changing landscape requires a comprehensive understanding of the key trends, changing habits and new opportunities that the digital ecosystem will bring in the year ahead.

    This paper will do just that, exploring how media and advertising are being transformed by mobile and what this means for brands. Download your free copy here.

    4 pages
    Sponsored by: GoToWebinar
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  • Facebook: Unlock Your Full Business Value

    17 May 2013

    Facebook Studio is a showcase for some of the most creative and successful campaigns to be found on the world’s largest social media platform. Each month, ‘Connected Campaign’ highlights one of these stories, demonstrating how some of the world’s biggest brands including Lloyds TSB, Pimms and British Airways, have leveraged Facebook’s advertising products to achieve (or exceed) their campaign goals. 

    • How do they fully leverage their Facebook business pages and ad products? 
    • How do they launch the right content to drive engagement and sales? 
    • How do they demonstrate the bottom line value of implementing Facebook advertising?

    We’re keen to hear about the role Facebook plays in your marketing mix so please take a few minutes to fill out this short 9 question survey and...

    • Be in with the chance to win a 16GB iPad mini
    • Receive the results to the survey to see where your peers stand in comparison

    In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here.

    9 questions
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  • A Comeback for Direct Mail?

    05 April 2013

    When pitted against digital marketing, mail comes across as pretty old fashioned but this is not the view of every marketer. For example, Porsche ran a recent campaign where photographs of the car sitting in driveways of the rich and famous were mailed to the target audience. The combination of localism, personalisation and digital printing had a powerful effect.

    Similarly, in the financial services industry, direct mail remains at the heart of the media strategy for its relevance and good response rates. People enjoy receiving something tangible and mail, when integrated with other channels, can really drive business performance.

    But where do you stand? Is mail still a valuable strand in your marketing mix?

    Please take a few minutes to fill in our quick 8 question survey and…

    • Be in with a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch Tablet worth £250*
    • Receive the results to the survey to see where your peers stand in comparison

    *Terms and conditions apply. To enter fill in your contact details in the survey. Entries close: 11.59pm on 14th June 2013.Prize is: A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch Tablet worth £250. Open to UK residents aged 18 or over. No cash alternative. Prizes are non-transferable. Only one entry per person. The Promoter: Haymarket Media Group, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9BE

    8 questions
    Sponsored by: MarketReach
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  • Tablets: Redefining Consumer Experiences

    09 May 2013

    As a nation, the UK is media and technology obsessed with over half of the population using two devices to connect and 30% using three or more devices to get online – four times higher than the European average*. So as the appetite for tablet devices increases, what are the emerging challenges and opportunities being presented to advertisers?

    In Brand Republic’s next webcast we present a recent study by Yahoo! exploring the impact that tablets are having on consumer media experiences. This study explores how consumers love the ability to touch, hear and see everything tablets have to offer and how marketers can tap into this to engage and connect with these consumers.

    Tune in live for the latest consumer research, creative insights and real business case studies:

    • Maximise the way this sleek, dynamic device interplays with other media to connect and interact with your audience
    • From the browsing renaissance to video and shopping (t-commerce), revolutionise your marketing to offer a rich and rewarding consumer experience through tablet

    *IAB Europe Mediascope 2012 x28 EU countries

    Download the summary findings here.

    Jide Sobo, Head of Mobile, MEC UK
    Laura Chaibi, Director of Research, Yahoo!
    David Griffith, Head of Online Product Development, Haymarket Media Group
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: Yahoo!
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  • Marketing industry events: What are your thoughts?

    25 March 2013

    There is a lot of change going on in the marketing space - new platforms, new behavioural patterns, new options. This is all very exciting but how can marketers keep up?

    One way is by attending relevant online and live events, as long as they really deliver. Please take 2 minutes to complete our short 6 question survey to let us know what type of events you would most benefit from currently. As a thank you we will enter you into a prize draw to win £400 worth of Amazon vouchers. 

    6 questions
    Sponsored by: Brand Republic Insight
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  • Online Retailers: Stepping up to the Challenge of Digital in 2013

    05 February 2013

    The online retail industry is developing at a rapid pace; evolving in line with new technology, with the multi-platform nature of the modern shopper’s purchase journey and the ever increasing expectations of consumers. Digital engagement is no longer just happening at home or at work but on the go as well and the advent of 4G services will greatly enhance the mobile internet experience. Retailers are looking to innovative ways to cater for the connected consumer’s requirements. Amongst the mix of technology and systems, channels and platforms, domestic and international markets, the need to focus on what the customer wants must form the core of all investment decisions.
    This expert report reveals the latest research with retailers to provide insights into the current state of the market, looking at the important trends and innovations that make up 2013’s online experience. From social media and mobile to emerging platforms and emerging countries download this comprehensive guide and discover what flexible, savvy retailers must do to stay ahead of the curve.

    32 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Social Media ROI: Turning Conversations Into Conversions In 2013

    11 December 2012

    There has been so much content and so many events produced over the last year, which purport to reveal the real value of social media but most end up, at best, drawing a rather clumsy, imprecise line from awareness to sales. 

    Brand Republic’s three part programme, produced in partnership with Bazaarvoice, comprises a survey, report and webcast and will offer marketers actionable insights into how to transform social media from merely an awareness builder into an actual sales-driver.

    Drawing from a range of case studies, featuring the likes of Argos and Dell, this programme will cut through all the half-hearted content out there to reveal how marketers today are powering demonstrable sales as well as improving product development using social channels.

    Richard Anderson, Vice President, Client Services, Bazaarvoice
    Max Sydenham, Digital Content Manager,
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Sponsored by: BazaarVoice
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  • Online Tracking Update: How Will Consumer Privacy Change Marketing In 2013?

    27 November 2012

    European consumers are increasingly aware of cookies and other online tracking activities and are becoming increasingly concerned about their potential affect on privacy. European law now regulates this space via the ePrivacy Directive (i.e. "Cookie Directive"), which sets standards for the level of notice and control that websites must provide consumers with when using cookies or other forms of tracking technology.

    So how has this law affected the online ecosystem and what does it mean for marketers?

    Are self-regulatory initiatives led by industry associations like the DAA and EDAA addressing public concern on this issue?

    Will most consumers opt-out from tracking activities when offered the choice or can notice and control mechanisms actually help websites better engage their visitors?

    In this live webcast TRUSTe and Osborne Clarke will unveil their recent research examining consumers' perceptions in the UK and other key EU markets around online tracking and privacy.
    Tune in live where we’ll reveal the surprising findings to help you as marketers learn how effective privacy can help you engage visitors and drive conversions whilst still ensuring compliance.

    Danilo Labovic, Managing Director EMEA, TRUSTe
    James Mullock, Partner, Head of Technology Law (Bristol), Osborne Clarke
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Audiocast Slides
    Sponsored by: TRUSTe
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