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  • The Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know For 2013

    16 July 2013

    Which digital marketing trends will take off in 2013? To get the big picture, Brand Republic asked 200 marketers about which channels performed best for them last year.

    This hard-hitting report reveals the most insightful findings from the survey and features success stories from brands like IKEA and McDonald's.

    Download this report, which is brought to you by Citrix GoToWebinar, to discover the 3 Cs of modern digital marketing:

    • Channels: From email through to mobile, social and webinars, what is working and why?
    • Content: What innovation and messaging is driving the most engagement?
    • Cash: How can the latest channels and ideas ultimately help your bottom line in 2013

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    6 pages
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  • Digital On Trial: Harness 2012’s Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013

    31 October 2012

    As the dust settles on a volatile year for digital marketing, with new channels gathering prominence and others falling by the wayside, this survey focuses on what we should take from 2012 to drive digital growth in the year ahead.

    Take part in our quick 10 question survey ‘Digital On Trial: Harness 2012’s Key Trends To Seize Opportunities In 2013’ and…

    • Receive a copy of the whitepaper informed by the results of this survey featuring tips on where you shoudl focus your efforts and how you can spark digital growth in the year ahead
    • Receive the answers to the survey to reveal where your marketing peers stand in comparison
    • Receive details on the live webinar on 5th December informed by the results of this survey

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  • Create Winning Online Content That Powers Customer Engagement And Sales

    23 May 2012

    The online world is moving and innovating constantly but it’s not enough to jump on every new online content bandwagon and expect great things. In this landscape you really need to hit upon the online content that powers engagement and ultimately sales or risk being lost in the noise.

    So tune in to this live webinar to learn how to strike a chord with your customers (and their wallets!):

    -  from tweets to videos to webinar sessions, hear which types of content will help you drive deeper connections with your target market
    -  understand the key ingredients needed to turn engaging content into sales-driving content
    -  gain easy-to-implement metrics to chart the effectiveness of better content on the bottom line

    Jessica Wright, Digital Manager - Content and Technology, UNICEF UK
    Michael Charalambous, Head of Sales and Marketing, The Carbon Trust
    Moderated by Alex Whitson, Director, Brand Republic Insight
    60 minutes
    Audiocast Slides
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