The Joy Of Tech: Exploring Emotions Surrounding Emergent Digital Technologies

18 June 2014

Technology is becoming integral to the consumer's relationship with the real world. We've seen the rise of intelligent thermostats that learn from a house owner's routine or video-calls transporting people across the globe. Moreover, technology's growth is unabating, as illustrated by the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, and the billions being spent by Apple, Google and Facebook on tech acquisitions.

In this report, 2CV reveal how consumer's technological preferences are guided by products that offer creative solutions to real world problems. In other words, providing additional freedom, more options and power to the user. This technological helping hand can be developed into an emotional partnership with the consumer.

Find out how innovations that make a user's life easier can lead to greater receptiveness and engagement. And, capitalise on creating an emotional bond between the way your brand uses technology and the customer's interaction with it.

Download this free report, and discover insights and examples of the emotionally accepted and rejected technologies.

8 pages
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