Social Media Mastery: Making Technology Work for You

28 March 2012

Sometimes you may feel bombarded by all the demands that email, social networks and blogs make on your attention. And when everyone seems to be doing more with the technology than you are, how do you master your online presence to gain that competitive edge? 

Join Ian McKendrick, social media and technology strategist, as he tackles how to take back control of your online media so that the technology works for you and drives more business to your door.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

•             Prioritise your online access and activities
•             Employ simple technologies for better efficiency
•             Identify which applications are most appropriate for you
•             Increase productivity through online collaboration

45 minutes
Audiocast Slides
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Ian McKendrick

Job Title: Social Media and Technology Strategist
Company: Social Media Guru

With over 30 years as an IT Business Strategist, Ian is a passionate evangelist of comprehensive business strategy. The man who can explain how the latest technologies can be exploited to beat your competitors, grow your business, and do more with less.

He is a genius at explaining how to leverage the latest social networking tools to bring more customers to your door.

His inspiring presentations are packed to the brim with easy to follow examples of how other businesses are using social media technologies to outshine their competitors and get more business. Ian then breaks these examples down into simple to follow steps, and shares these business winning strategies so that you can adopt them as soon as you get back to the office.

If you are after straight talking, plain English from a business strategist with expert insight into the technical world who has been there and done it, Ian’s your man.

Moderated by:

Clare Kemp

Job Title: Marketing Manager
Company: Citrix GoToWebinar