Multi-Channel Retail Strategy: Forge Deeper Connections With Consumers To Drive More Spend

08 September 2011

So what makes consumers tick? Hear the findings of The REaD Group’s revealing research with over 1500 consumers to help you leverage multiple channels such as mobile and social media to not only grab consumer attention but get them spending.

  • Hear from 1500 consumers; what motivates them to shop with you? Which brands are getting it right? Who is giving consumers the best buying experience?
  • How do your customers want to hear from you; is SMS on the rise? Which combination of channels work best and for who? Realise your full multi-channel sales potential by understanding individual customer traits
  • Keep ahead of the game; evolve your retail strategy to gain the trust of your customers and win their continued loyalty so you continue to drive maximum sales
1h 3m 58s
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Sponsored by: The REaD Group
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Andrew Bridges

Job Title: Data Quality & Supplier Manager
Company: Loyalty Management Group

Andrew Bridges joined Loyalty Management Group in November 2004 as Data Quality & Supplier Manager. His main responsibilities focus on full end to end data management procedures including managing and controlling the quality of the Nectar database, operational business processes and supplier management including all data processing and data capture suppliers.

He has a wealth of experience within the data arena and has actively been working with data for more than 10 years. Prior to LMG, Andrew worked for VNU one of the biggest business publishers in Europe.


Mark Roy

Job Title: DMA Data Council Chair and CEO
Company: The REaD Group

Mark Roy is the founder and CEO of The REaD Group plc, an organization which enhances the quality of marketing data for companies across a range sectors, including many well-known retailers. Mark is also Chair of The DMA’s Data Council and has been a vociferous advocate of industry best practice, consumer responsibility and data quality.

The DMA’s Data Council has a unique role to play in ensuring that the DM industry provides what its audience – the consumer – really wants and Mark has the appetite and the energy to face these challenges head on.