Escaping The Multichannel Marketing Maze

28 October 2013

Multichannel marketing is now a mature concept, universally regarded as a common sense approach to marketing. Yet managing multichannel marketing is still a challenge for many brands. 

The greatest challenge is in trying to integrate different channels and their accompanying management and analytics systems together. This integration of different systems, often siloed or ‘bolt on’ solutions, means marketers are focusing more on the operational complexity to make multichannel work, rather than the end goal – to reach customers, nurture leads and deploy more engaging experiences.

This expert report is based on a survey with 120 marketers from leading UK organisations. It reveals that 85-90% of marketers are either facing challenges with multichannel marketing or are working hard to make breakthroughs with multichannel. 

Download your free copy here for detailed insight into the challenges affecting your peers and key strategies on how to overcome them.

18 pages
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