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  • Technology for Marketers: Are You Engaging Effectively?

    23 July 2014

    The year 2013 saw a 50% increase in web traffic from mobiles and tablets. Brands are quickly adapting to this trend, and over the next three years are predicted to spend 50% more on their digital and mobile tech.¹

    It's clear that marketing and technology are becoming intertwined, and the roles in an organisation increasingly blurred. As such, solution providers must start appealing to this IT marketer hybrid.

    Some companies, such as Google and Apple, deliver a clear market-focused explanation of their solutions, however, many other organisations are falling short. With purchasing decisions moving to the domain of marketers, technology companies must start speaking their language.

    Brand Republic and Ruder Finn surveyed decision-makers in medium and large enterprises, and revealed both the mistakes and what works when communicating a technology solution to them. The report contains statistics, expert commentary and examples of what brands really want to hear.

    ¹ Cisco Visual Networking Index

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  • Brand Experience, Multichannel Personalisation & Marketing Automation - Making it Work For You

    22 July 2014

    The necessity for brands to communicate with their customers through highly targeted and personalised messages is now fundamental to ‘good’ marketing. 

    However in this multi-channel era, the average customer journey and buying cycle is becoming increasingly difficult to define. Therefore, marketing automation is now more important than ever in order for brands to effectively deliver a truly customer centric marketing strategy. 

    To quote Forrester Research, “marketing automation captures buyer behaviour - the greatest untapped asset marketers have.”¹

    Download this white paper for 10 top tips to ensure your marketing automation platform becomes one of the best investments you’ll ever make. 

    ¹ The New Physics Of Lead-To-Revenue Management (Forrester, 2013)

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  • Shape Up Your Google Shopping Campaigns - Countdown to August

    15 July 2014

    When Google Shopping was optionally introduced, advertisers saw:

    - Ad spend decrease by 29.7% 
    - Conversion rates increase by 15.8%
    - ROAS increase by 25%
    - And revenue rise by 34%¹.

    Now, the transition is mandatory and fast approaching – the end of August. It's crucial for retailers to prepare. The move will provide better ways to promote products and more detailed insight into customer behaviour. But these changes will require some adjustments.

    If you’re unsure of what’s changing with Google’s Shopping campaigns, take a look at this roadmap infographic, featuring week-by-week instructions with everything retailers should do to ease the transition.

    Download to find out:
    - Important deadlines
    - Crucial tips
    - Helpful tools
    - And more

    ¹ Google Shopping Campaigns Performance Report from CPC Strategy (Q1 2014)

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  • Creating a Digital Strategy to Provide Exceptional Digital Experiences

    07 July 2014

    By 2017, there will be 3.9 billion mobile subscribers.¹ For brands to capitalise on this huge growth, they must evolve with the changing digital landscape, and implement a strategy on both personal and every-day use items (e.g. TVs and vehicles).

    If brands do so, the opportunities are endless. Some recognise this, and put their digital plans at the heart of their business strategy. But others are behind in offering a consistent omni-channel experience.

    This expert report (with case studies) looks at how the rise of digital devices offers new insights into consumer behaviour and how this information can be used to generate customised and seamless digital experiences across all touchpoints.

    Download your free copy and find out how your brand can create an exceptional digital experience.

    ¹ 2GSMA's "The Mobile Economy" (2013)

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  • Social Media – How Better KPIs Can Measure, Guide and Maximise Your ROI

    02 July 2014

    Only “8% of companies can determine ROI for all of their social media spending.” ¹

    In a multi-channel digital world, it is necessary for brands to have clear and achievable social media goals. By doing so, they can turn insights into actions that produce tangible results. If they don’t, then their social presence is reduced to hope and guess work.

    So, what makes a successful social media campaign? To answer this, we must look beyond just positive and negative online sentiment, and deep into a brand’s business plan and each department’s aims.

    For example, marketers might want to track a hashtag campaign, whereas a PR team wish to monitor the fallout from a crisis, but both need to understand the impact on the overall brand.

    Useful KPIs measure and then deliver. They can be used to pick out meaningful interaction, enlist support of brand advocates, and inform future strategies. In this expert report, Synthesio delves into the benefits and science of creating KPIs for greater ROI.

    ¹ Companies continue to struggle with social media measurement: report - Econsultancy

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  • 5 Key Strategies For Successful Mobile Engagement

    20 June 2014

    Although most communication channels are developed to the point of near mastery, many marketers still struggle to define how mobile devices fit into the customer experience.

    Morgan Stanley Research estimates that 91 percent of consumers keep their device within arm’s reach 100 percent of the time.¹ Understanding the mobile phenomenon is imperative in order to maintain and improve brand relevance and customer engagement.

    To completely capitalise on this new opportunity, companies must revolutionise how they use the mobile channel in their customer interactions.

    This expert report looks at how you can meet the demands of the mobile consumer with 5 key strategies. Download your free copy here.

    ¹ China Mobile 50k Survey, Morgan Stanley Research, 2011.

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  • The Joy Of Tech: Exploring Emotions Surrounding Emergent Digital Technologies

    18 June 2014

    Technology is becoming integral to the consumer's relationship with the real world. We've seen the rise of intelligent thermostats that learn from a house owner's routine or video-calls transporting people across the globe. Moreover, technology's growth is unabating, as illustrated by the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, and the billions being spent by Apple, Google and Facebook on tech acquisitions.

    In this report, 2CV reveal how consumer's technological preferences are guided by products that offer creative solutions to real world problems. In other words, providing additional freedom, more options and power to the user. This technological helping hand can be developed into an emotional partnership with the consumer.

    Find out how innovations that make a user's life easier can lead to greater receptiveness and engagement. And, capitalise on creating an emotional bond between the way your brand uses technology and the customer's interaction with it.

    Download this free report, and discover insights and examples of the emotionally accepted and rejected technologies.

    8 pages
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  • Content - Using Your Data To Create Compelling And Relevant Content

    17 June 2014

    The volume and depth of consumer data that marketers are able to employ to improve their content marketing is becoming increasingly complex and powerful. 

    With the proliferation of digital and connectivity across multiple channels and touch-points - from online stores to SEO to mobile shopping - the marketer is privy to a massive array of data, ranging from demographics to real-time behaviour.

    So how can brands use their increasingly sophisticated data to maximise their ROI? Brand Republic Insight outlines a five-step guide to creating a cohesive content strategy.

    Download your free copy here. 

    8 pages
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  • Market Overview: Digital Customer Experience Delivery Platform

    27 May 2014

    With the growing multichannel mix available to marketers it’s vital that businesses are using the right technology to make the most of the opportunities to engage consumers.

    Digital customer experience delivery platforms are emerging but no supplier currently offers an end-to-end solution and, given existing investments, most organisations can’t source from a single supplier.

    Market Overview: Digital Customer Experience Delivery Platforms is Forrester’s definitive guide to selecting the platform that best fits your organisation’s current needs.

    The report gives a comprehensive overview of the major software vendors' delivery platforms available on the market today and a detailed guide on how to select your ideal platform.

    Download this report to find the right technology for your organisation.

    23 pages
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  • Six Stages To Owning The Entire Customer Experience

    22 May 2014

    89% of marketers agree that good customer experience is core to a brand's success according to a recent Brand Republic survey. But as digital is now such a key player in influencing customer experience, marketers must find the balance between the science and art of marketing; in order to connect, collect and predict customer needs.

    Sitecore have successfully broken the customer journey down into six key steps from first interaction, to purchase, through to long-term engagement. In this expert report they share their concept of ‘customer experience maturity’ which can help brands audit their digital process and plot where they are in terms of digital progression.

    Download this free report to review our survey findings along with our webcast insights and learn how Brand Republic and Sitecore confront these CX issues.

    • Who owns it, how to manage it
    • Digital Maturity: have you reached it yet?
    • What great customer experience management looks like?

    8 pages
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