Expert Reports

  • The marketer's guide to virtual reality

    29 September 2016

    VR has become a viable tool for immersive storytelling. By 2020 the global VR market may be worth $30 billion. However, marketers are grappling with the fact that VR offers an exciting opportunity to engage consumers, but getting it wrong can be time consuming and expensive. 

    To unravel the problem, experienced live-action and VR director at TopLine Comms, Jamie Field, offers a comprehensive VR guide for marketers. 

    This guide will show you:

    • Ways to benefit from VR investment
    • Typical costs involved in a VR project
    • Classic VR mistakes to avoid
    • A guide to making your VR project brief, with key questions to consider
    • A step by step ‘making of’ VR – including a variety of equipment options, best-practice techniques and editing tips

    Sponsored by: TopLine Comms
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  • Software and technology businesses bare all on digital marketing

    15 August 2016

    Big data, VR, internet of things, programmatic - the industry is full of buzzwords we hear far too often. But to what extent are today’s digital marketing trends being applied across businesses?

    Brand Republic Insight, in partnership with Kingpin Communications, surveyed over 300 decision-makers and digital specialists to find the answer - now the results are in.

    Sponsored by: Kingpin
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  • Predictive analysis: Fortune favours the brave

    01 August 2016

    Predictive marketers are 1.8 times more likely to constantly exceed organisational goals and 2.9 times more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than industry average.*

    Decision making based on predictive analytics now offers marketers the opportunity to take a great leap forward in the way they address customer experience. It’s about exploiting recent behavioural data and enabling the prediction of what a customer might do next. This insight will revolutionise the way we interact with customers by creating more personalised experiences based on more than just historical data.

    This whitepaper, in partnership with RedEye, will look at the best ideas for adoption, how to overcome the most common challenges, and the benefits you’re likely to see through making predictive analytics a priority for your business.

    *Forbes 2016

    Sponsored by: RedEye
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  • Planning for the Festive season: Top tips for retailers

    29 July 2016

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the new Boxing Day, and retail marketers need to start campaigns earlier than usual and expect shoppers to be deal-orientated - something that could have a significant impact on profits.

    While sand, sea and sun is still on the minds of many consumers, it’s time to plan and prepare for the snow.

    This whitepaper, in partnership with Hitwise, will take a close look at the changes in consumer shopping behaviour during the festive period, as well as noting the key dates to plan around, product trends and while search is still the top driver of traffic to retail sites, what other channels are driving consumers? Plus, discover who the top retailers were last year by visits share.

    Sponsored by: Hitwise
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  • Exploring your digital marketing strategy

    29 July 2016

    Marketers are confronted with an increasingly complex and constantly shifting digital marketing landscape. Much is written about the challenges and opportunities this presents, but less is known about how these challenges and opportunities are actually shaping strategies within the business.

    With 2016 now well under way, Brand Republic Insight wanted to identify what priorities marketers have set themselves to achieve their digital marketing goals this year and ascertain the challenges they are encountering along the way.

    To find out, we surveyed marketing professionals from a variety of disciplines across the globe. This report, in partnership with Salesforce, reveals our findings and offers insight into the current state of the industry.

    Sponsored by: salesforce
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  • The display play-by-play: Unlock the value of display advertising

    26 July 2016

    Display reaches and engages customers, who spend 96% of their online time engaging with different content. That's why more businesses across Europe are increasing their spend in this area.

    This report, in partnership with Quantcast, will provide practical advice and real data to help you take actionable steps towards improving your display performance. Download now and discover how to

    • Unlock the value of advertising with real-time display
    • Look at display data beyond the click
    • Understand the benefits of attribution
    • Evaluate campaigns for metrics that matter

    Sponsored by: Quantcast
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  • Marketing in the age of the customer

    11 July 2016

    With a myriad of channels, mobile first, customer journeys and the single customer view, Brand Republic Insight in partnership with Salesforce gathered a group of experts around the dinner table to explore what it’s like to be a marketing leader in the age of the customer.

    Sponsored by: salesforce
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  • The battle for talent and the threat to the agency model

    28 June 2016

    With marketing practices, client needs, and industry demands all evolving daily, today’s ad agencies need to find the right creative talent to give them the competitive edge. But with a shrinking pool of experienced workers and competition to attract young talent increasing – this is a challenge. 

    The traditional ad agency model is buckling and is no longer fit for purpose. The agency world is going through major structural and creative changes. New technologies are shaping these, creating a new breed of versatile marketers and creatives, armed with new skills and an ambition to pursue new career opportunities and industry-defining experiences. 

    In partnership with agency management software provider Deltek, Brand Republic hosted a webinar with a panel of senior advertising experts to talk through the major structural changes and creative upheavals taking place within the agency world. 

    This white paper uncovers the findings as well as drawing on the results of a survey of top-level agency leaders, to answer how agencies can look to safeguard their future.

    You will learn:

    • What the 'new normal’ is for the agency world
    • How agencies can attract talent in an increasingly active, ‘always on’ environment
    • Top tips for retaining the right people
    • How to get your resourcing mix right
    • Exploiting technology to better understand your team’s profitability or contribution

    Sponsored by: Deltek
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  • Beyond personalisation - the modern customer journey

    27 June 2016

    Personalisation is evolving. As marketers, we know that the more targeted and personal we can get with messaging, the better we can convert prospects, but moving beyond the tried-and-tested personalised e-mail greetings and product recommendations still remains a challenging feat.

    Marketers have access to more information about customers and prospects than ever before, and more ways to reach them too, yet simply having the capabilities to implement personalisation’s potential.

    In partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Brand Republic hosted a webinar to discuss what opportunities and challenges today’s innovations and tomorrow’s trends might present for marketers looking to create better, more personalised user experiences. This report examines those opportunities and challenges and explores how marketers can approach personalisation more successfully.

    Sponsored by: salesforce
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  • The real world of real-time advertising

    17 June 2016

    Online advertising is in a golden era. It used to be built upon finding and targeting audiences in places where they might be, relying on content targeting to inform media buying. But in today’s advertising landscape, marketers are armed with extraordinary technologies, an ever-more-precise understanding of consumer behaviour, and a seemingly endless array of touchpoints for getting in front of audiences.

    In response to these developments, entirely new industry solutions have evolved that enable marketers to maximise the scale and relevance of their display advertising like never before.

    This new digital landscape offers marketers many options and opportunities. But it also causes a lot of confusion. This whitepaper will look at the current advertising technology ecosystem and will simplify the science and technology that hold the industry together.

    Sponsored by: Quantcast
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