Expert Reports

  • Marketing in the age of the customer

    11 July 2016

    With a myriad of channels, mobile first, customer journeys and the single customer view, Brand Republic Insight in partnership with Salesforce gathered a group of experts around the dinner table to explore what it’s like to be a marketing leader in the age of the customer.

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  • The battle for talent and the threat to the agency model

    28 June 2016

    With marketing practices, client needs, and industry demands all evolving daily, today’s ad agencies need to find the right creative talent to give them the competitive edge. But with a shrinking pool of experienced workers and competition to attract young talent increasing – this is a challenge. 

    The traditional ad agency model is buckling and is no longer fit for purpose. The agency world is going through major structural and creative changes. New technologies are shaping these, creating a new breed of versatile marketers and creatives, armed with new skills and an ambition to pursue new career opportunities and industry-defining experiences. 

    In partnership with agency management software provider Deltek, Brand Republic hosted a webinar with a panel of senior advertising experts to talk through the major structural changes and creative upheavals taking place within the agency world. 

    This white paper uncovers the findings as well as drawing on the results of a survey of top-level agency leaders, to answer how agencies can look to safeguard their future.

    You will learn:

    •    What the 'new normal’ is for the agency world

    •    How agencies can attract talent in an increasingly active, ‘always on’ environment

    •    Top tips for retaining the right people

    •    How to get your resourcing mix right

    •    Exploiting technology to better understand your team’s profitability or contribution

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  • Beyond personalisation - the modern customer journey

    27 June 2016

    Personalisation is evolving. As marketers, we know that the more targeted and personal we can get with messaging, the better we can convert prospects, but moving beyond the tried-and-tested personalised e-mail greetings and product recommendations still remains a challenging feat.

    Marketers have access to more information about customers and prospects than ever before, and more ways to reach them too, yet simply having the capabilities to implement personalisation’s potential.


    In partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Brand Republic hosted a webinar to discuss what opportunities and challenges today’s innovations and tomorrow’s trends might present for marketers looking to create better, more personalised user experiences. This report examines those opportunities and challenges and explores how marketers can approach personalisation more successfully.


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  • The real world of real-time advertising

    17 June 2016

    Online advertising is in a golden era. It used to be built upon finding and targeting audiences in places where they might be, relying on content targeting to inform media buying. But in today’s advertising landscape, marketers are armed with extraordinary technologies, an ever-more-precise understanding of consumer behaviour, and a seemingly endless array of touchpoints for getting in front of audiences.

    In response to these developments, entirely new industry solutions have evolved that enable marketers to maximise the scale and relevance of their display advertising like never before.

    This new digital landscape offers marketers many options and opportunities. But it also causes a lot of confusion. This whitepaper will look at the current advertising technology ecosystem and will simplify the science and technology that hold the industry together.

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  • Report: The importance of understanding language and culture when managing an international crisis

    02 June 2016

    International brand reputations at risk because of language and cultural misunderstandings.

    This study of UK and US based communication executives with an international role shows that whilst almost all (99%) are confident they communicate the sensitive messages of a crisis situation across local markets by taking consideration of cultural nuances, mistakes continue to happen, mainly due to cultural misinterpretation or mistranslations.

    To find out more, read the report, brought to you in partnership with Conversis.

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  • Single customer view: big challenge, big reward

    31 May 2016

    What’s holding you back from realising the maximum value from your customer data?

    You need a Single Customer View. When it comes to customer databases, marketers are increasingly frustrated by the same issues: 

    • Lack of access to their own data 
    • Inability to use their data across multiple channels 
    • Real doubts that they’re getting ‘value for money’ from their database providers

    This whitepaper focuses on the main challenges facing the traditional database marketing industry, gives ideas on how to resolve these and do what every brand wants…increases the value it derives (from its customers!). Throughout it addresses this fundamental question: do you genuinely have a Single Customer View? And if you haven’t, why you absolutely have to have one.

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  • The essential B2B guide to SEO

    25 May 2016

    The humble website is your virtual shop window. Where it may have been optional in the past, it’s now an absolute necessity for any business.

    But if your website isn’t easily accessible and visible in a search engine, potential customers won’t know what you’re offering, and they’ll get it from your more web-savvy competitors, regardless of how blatantly inferior, more expensive, and dubiously hygienic they may be. In fact, research shows that if your site doesn’t show up on the first page, it probably won’t gain any traction with searchers. Ideally, you want the top two positions – it’s optimal from a web traffic and lead gen POV.

    This whitepaper, in partnership with TopLine Comms, aims to equip you with a basic understanding of SEO so you can identify your own website’s crucial SEO requirements, engage in conversation with a search marketing providers and assess their ability to optimise your website.

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  • Mobile & me: The remodelled brand opportunity

    05 May 2016

    It’s personal. A lot of us would feel lost without it. And for 88% of us, we find it in our hands within the first hour of waking each morning. Mobile phones have become ubiquitous and indispensable in our lives.

    Whether it’s keeping fit, catching up with friends, entertainment or leisure – we spend a lot of ‘me’ time with our mobile devices. One key consumer habit is shopping. The industry has been transformed by mobile devices with a third of us now shopping on our mobiles. Plus, on average we’re researching purchases up to five times a day.

    This whitepaper, in partnership with Quantcast, presents findings sought directly from consumers in the UK, France and Germany on their mobile phone habits and perception of mobile advertising.

    Download now for key insight into:

    • How ‘digital me’ time is evolving for consumers
    • The brand opportunities for mobile advertising: how can advertisers get it right?
    • Findings on the top products and services consumers are searching the internet for
    • What can brands do to reach would-be consumers?

    Sponsored by: Quantcast
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  • Brands and retailers: What’s your current relationship status?

    24 April 2016

    As a branded manufacturer, do you sometimes feel like you’re adrift in the rising tide of e-commerce — unsure of which direction to turn? Retailers have adapted to e-commerce at this point, and most sell their products online.

    But for brands, it’s different. Each brand has unique needs and circumstances that dictate whether they should sell directly to consumers. Long story short: The transition to e-commerce for brands has been complicated.

    This white paper, in partnership with ChannelAdvisor, will help you understand:

    • The right questions to ask yourself about your brand
    • Why brands go direct to consumers
    • The risk of selling direct to consumers
    • Ways to create a blended strategy between a traditional and a direct-to-consumer distribution model
    • How creating a joint proposition between brands and retailers can help mitigate channel conflict

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  • The real art of content marketing

    14 April 2016

    What can a ground-breaking artist teach an everyday brand… and what can that everyday brand teach the artist?

    *Meaningful brands can increase their Share of Wallet by seven times and on average gain 46% more than less Meaningful Brands.

    Most brand professionals are adept at raising high hopes and expectations in consumer minds. But consumers are increasingly cynical, sceptical and frustrated; brands hold up desired psychological destination signs in their marketing materials (freedom, happiness, calm, good relationships) without offering practical support on how to get there. In other words, consumers are increasingly looking for brands to be more ‘meaningful’ – genuinely to help them to lead more fulfilled lives.

    This Brand Republic case study, in partnership with The School Of Life, looks at work from the artist Xu Zhen, who shows a deep interest in brands and culture – and just how lovely they can be. As well as looking at how brands could exploit a large but often underdeveloped dimension to their offerings and learn the art of storytelling.

    *Havas Media, 2015

    Sponsored by: The School Of Life
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