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  • Fashion Content That Demands Attention

    30 November 2015

    Creating content that cuts through in the competitive fashion landscape is huge a challenge.

    The emergence of new bloggers, the rise of mobile and the growing popularity of Instagram and other social channels mean it’s never been easier for fashion fans to post content. This makes the need for fashion retailers to stand-out greater than ever. How can you create valuable content that delights audiences?

    This expert report in partnership with Big Group will take an indepth look at the trends in fashion retail including:

    • Virtual reality video
    • Mini animations and gifs
    • Brand collaborations

    And what the future holds for content marketing in the fashion retail space.

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  • The Ultimate Optimisation Guide For The Travel Sector

    24 November 2015

    The internet has revolutionised the travel industry. 43% of all travel bookings are made online and that figure will only increase year-on-year.

    Families spend about three weeks from deciding to travel to actually making their booking. During that time, they’ll consult roughly seven websites to help make their final decision. As a result, travel brands need a fast functioning, easy-to-use website for maximum impact - or they may fall behind the pack.

    The opportunity is huge. In an industry hallmarked by fierce competition, consolidation, and disruption, optimisation has become a competitive advantage for companies who execute on their strategy well.

    The unparalleled opportunities to grow revenue and engage audiences is there for the taking, and it’s time to take action.

    This expert guide will get you started with the strategy, give you cultural best practices and great ideas based on the successes of some of the biggest travel companies around.

    Sponsored by: Optimizely
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  • Future of B2B Technology Media

    24 November 2015

    B2B technology is rapidly developing, and so to is the marketing strategies used to keep up with this dynamic environment. In this report, decision-making marketers were polled with the results then discussed by leading publishers in technology media.

    95% of B2B marketers expect to increase or keep their current spending on lead generation. This intelligence is disrupting and changing how sales teams and marketers are working together. Plus, the pressure of using new channels, creating engaging content and the rise of programmatic makes for a very interesting period of development.

    Download this report now to see how your efforts compare to peers.

    Sponsored by: Kingpin
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  • Wrap Up Your Christmas Marketing

    23 November 2015

    The countdown to the holidays is the busiest and most potentially lucrative window of the year for retailers and online sellers.

    From the start of the holiday gift shopping season in November, through Cyber Monday in the first week of December, to December 26th and onward into the new year sales, every date counts.

    Follow the guidelines, examples, checklists and calendars in this email marketing guide for the holiday countdown, to make email your best performing channel.

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  • Living in a big data world

    20 November 2015

    Big data is changing the world a hundred terabytes at a time. It gives marketers the opportunity to deliver targeted and personalised experiences to consumers, who expect exceptional and who are more tech-savvy than ever.

    In partnership with Valtech, Brand Republic gathered 10 influential data and digital marketing leaders from the financial services industry for a debate on big data. The objective of the panel was simple: establish big data challenges, then find solutions to future proof organisations against an increasingly turbulent marketing landscape.

    Detailing the findings of the debate, this expert report looks at how businesses can embrace the cultural change required and learn to talk in the language of data.

    It will explore:

    • How the landscape has changed since the days of the ‘simpler’ customer
    • What data really matters? And how you can find what’s useful and relevant for consumers
    • Where data fits into the wider marketing strategy
    • Who has the skills required to tackle big data? And what can businesses do to respond to the new opportunities it presents?

    Sponsored by: Valtech
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  • Private Marketplace Deals: How to set yourself up for success

    20 November 2015

    As programmatic premium takes off, many publishers and advertisers are turning to private marketplaces as a smart buying model. But the success of this model relies upon all parties communicating their expectations at every phase of a deal. How can you make your deal transparent so that your partners share all your expectations?

    This expert report, in partnership with OpenX, is a guide to setting up deals for success. It will look at specific topics to discuss with your partners as you negotiate private deals, with step-by-step guides for both buyers and sellers. It also includes:

    Questions to ask at each stage of a deal

    Guide to monitoring your deals

    A checklist for Deal Negotiations and Set-up which can serve as an agenda for your future PMP deal discussions

    Sponsored by: OpenX
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  • The ultimate optimisation guide for online retailers

    18 November 2015

    On average, a human can focus on one thing for just eight seconds. This means you have to create a digital experience that captures your visitors’ attention quickly.

    If you want to improve key metrics including purchases, average order value, customer lifetime value, revenue, and more, then this Experience Optimisation guide is here to help.

    It highlights best practices, strategies, and lessons learned from some of the most successful online stores in the business.

    Register to download the report and learn:

    • Proven methods to grow revenue streams, increase customer lifetime value, and grow your online business

    • Optimisation strategies to decrease shopping cart abandonment on desktop and mobile

    • Test ideas, pro-tips, and results from successful online retailers

    • Quick (and easy) wins for e-commerce personalisation

    Sponsored by: Optimizely
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  • Programmatic: A Brand Marketer’s Guide

    02 November 2015

    Programmatic buying is no longer just for direct response campaigns. It's for brand campaigns, too.

    It's helping brands realise the ultimate promise of advertising in the digital age: to efficiently and effectively run highly relevant, creative, responsive and measurable campaigns, at scale.

    Brands are getting started with programmatic buying by investing in data and technology while also empowering their teams to leverage these investments. To make the most of programmatic buying, read about, test and operationalise the five key steps for programmatic success. Brand love is close at hand.

    This practical 5 step guide will cover how to effectively:

    • Organise
    • Design
    • Execute
    • Reach
    • Measure

    Sponsored by: Google
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  • Digital Disruption: Have You Been Disrupted Yet?

    27 October 2015

    "Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist, or dropped out of the Fortune 500." - Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

    The digital age has reshaped traditional consumption behaviour, and new technologies mean that companies are constantly developing better ways of delivering products or services, putting others out of business.

    This expert report in partnership with Sitecore, explores who the digital disruptors are and why they’re achieving success over traditional companies. Find out now why digital disruptors have the edge on customer experience and what traditional organisations must do to minimise the threat. It includes:

    • A comprehensive overview of the drivers of digital disruption
    • Why digital disruptors have the edge on customer experience 
    • How collaborative business models are disrupting the economy
    • Examining how your business can transform to align with what is happening in the market

    Sponsored by: Sitecore
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  • The Experience Optimisation Handbook

    26 October 2015

    For every $92 spent on acquiring customers online, only $1 is spent on optimisation.* Yet conversion rate averages are very low: for an e-commerce website it's 3%, for a SaaS website it’s 7% and for media websites it’s 10%**.

    Optimisation is a cost-effective way to improve your marketing strategy which will lead to greater ROI. 

    This expert report in partnership with Optimizely, looks at ways to grow a business through optimisation and testing.

    Register to download the report and you will learn:

    • What is experience optimisation and why it’s essential for any online business?
    • How to gain a better understanding of your online audience’s unique needs and preferences
    • How businesses like yours are using optimisation to their benefit

    * IBM TeaLeaf 2012
    ** Kissmetrics

    Sponsored by: Optimizely
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