Expert Reports

  • Do Consumers Actually See Your Ads?

    22 April 2014

    The State of Ad Viewability – Find out what you need to know

    In 2012, 1.8 trillion display ads were paid for, but not seen. For advertisers looking for results, this is an unnecessary waste of effort and budget! 

    Thankfully, advertisers, publishers and ad vendors are now rallying towards a new viewability standard. This is a step change in accountability which will ensure brands and advertisers benefit from knowing that their ads are seen, eliminating waste, and increasing campaign effectiveness.

    In order to understand the state of viewability today, Quantcast studied and evaluated more than 100 million impressions across 35 campaigns and six exchanges from August to October 2013. This paper will share the findings from these studies, and cover four steps advertisers can take to incorporate viewability into their campaigns.

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  • UK Key Digital Trends 2014: How Are Mobile Usage, Big Data & Ad Buying Options Influencing The Digital Ecosystem?

    22 April 2014

    In 2014, mobile devices are continuing to reshape the behaviour of UK consumers and marketers alike. Advertisers must weigh the advantages of real-time ad buying and content marketing and come to grips with the issues and challenges surrounding big data.

    eMarketer reports provide marketers with benchmark data and insights to inform their strategy and decisions.  The report will answer the following key questions:

    • How is the proliferation of media devices and platforms changing UK consumer behaviour?
    • How are mobile phones and tablets changing shopping and buying habits in the UK?
    • How is the notion of big data affecting UK marketers and consumers?
    • How are developments in real-time ad buying and native advertising changing the game for marketers and consumers?

    23 pages
    Sponsored by: eMarketer
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  • Social Networking for Financial Services: How Can I get In The Game?

    28 March 2014

    Seizing Opportunities & Maintaining Regulatory Compliance 

    Social media is the new gold standard for customer-centric marketing. Messaging can be customised it’s cheaper to develop, and with the right tools, companies can monitor conversations and collect detailed insight.

    Banks and financial advisors need to understand what their customers want, help shape their opinions, and ultimately win and retain their business.

    To do this they need to become ingrained in social media. Customer feedback—both positive and negative—always will be more highly regarded than one-way advertising. Social is a forum to engage in conversation, respond to comments, build trust and target communities of potential customers

    This expert report highlights latest trends in how consumers are using social media in their day-to-day life and in their engagement with brands. Download your free copy to understand how establishing an active, visible presence on social media will enable you to stay abreast of customer needs and concerns. 

    16 pages
    Sponsored by: IBM
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  • The State Of Mobile Technology Adoption 2013: A Benchmarking Guide for Marketers

    19 March 2014

    Research shows that by the end of 2016, 82% of all mobile phones in the US will be smartphones. Many marketers are now investing and optimising their existing digital offerings for mobile but few are funding the more sophisticated services available across the mobile platform. But new and evolving technologies can offer marketers reduced cost and complexity.

    This report will assist marketers in benchmarking their mobile technology offering against the wider industry. Download this free Forrester report to find out about: 

    • The challenges associated with mobile fragmentation 
    • How marketers can effectively take on a mobile-first future with limited resources 
    • The advantages and opportunities available through outsourcing your mobile services development 

    20 pages
    Sponsored by: Message Systems
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  • Learn How To Boost Email Deliverability and Engagement

    19 March 2014

    To boost your inbox rates you must first understand how your strategies in several principal areas can affect deliverability. Download this free report to discover how to improve the ROI of your email operations by applying some key best practices and learn:

    • How to build and maintain a good reputation based on segregation, bounce management and personalised messaging.
    • How technical capabilities can play a crucial role in deliverability and what to do about it.
    • Which email platform or infrastructure is best for you

    25 pages
    Sponsored by: Message Systems
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  • The Future of the Customer Journey

    11 March 2014

    With half of UK households owning at least 3 connected devices, consumers’ demands are higher than ever¹. A seamless customer experience is expected across all channels and intelligent interactions have never been more crucial. Brands must deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time, creating resonant customer experiences through fully understanding the path to purchase.

    Download this free report to get top tips on how to;

    • Understand emerging consumer behavioural and interaction trends across different sites and channels to define an effective targeting strategy
    • Devise creative and  intelligent interactions through understanding a consumer’s path to purchase
    • Segment an audience most effectively to help continually improve strategy and deliver more targeted messages
    • Evolve with your customers so your key assets and content keep up with the pace of change

    ¹Figures from EDigitalResearch and IMRG

    11 pages
    Sponsored by: Experian
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  • Facebook Update: A Story Of Social Success For UK’s Biggest Retailers

    28 February 2014

    The Facebook Commerce Index highlights the quarterly growth and performance successes and strategies of retailers like Marks and Spencer, and The Book Depository.

    Download the free report here to learn how to boost your social activity:

    • Update yourself on Facebook changes to advance your retail strategy
    • Benchmark yourself against the top 25 retailer pages by 'likes', and the top 25 for growth
    • Analyse growth and performance of the top 25 retailers and apply their success stories to your own social strategy

    11 pages
    Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor
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  • Winning ROI From Responsive Web Design

    10 February 2014

    Responsive web design is now one of the most hotly debated approaches to delivering consistent and optimised web experiences to any display - tablet, smartphone, or 50-inch monitor.

    Whether you are in the early stages or more established with responsive web design techniques, this expert report will help you achieve efficiency in content design and management, ultimately increasing the return on your investment in responsive design.

    Download it here for tips on how to: 

    • Build brand awareness and engagement with mobile users
    • Grow reach across high-value demographics in the mobile segment with relevant, contextual content
    • Increase customer loyalty with consistent, high-quality digital experiences across devices
    • Optimise the investment in resources required to produce and maintain these experiences

    N.B Image by Tooroot (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

    7 pages
    Sponsored by: Adobe
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  • Audi Case Study: Driving Consistent And Memorable Brand Experiences

    10 February 2014

    Audi AG in Germany is among the world’s best known luxury brands, with vehicles renowned for innovative engineering, outstanding performance, and progressive design. 

    To extend these qualities across every element of the brand experience, Audi’s challenge was to create a website ensuring a memorable customer experience combined with relevant, impactful information and data-driven insight.

    Download this case study to see how Audi:

    • Deploy an effective, easy-to-use platform accounting for 97% of sales volume 
    • Maintain brand consistency across 93 websites in 40 languages
    • Empower local web teams and dealers to streamline development of websites reducing time to market 
    • Integrate applications (such as the Audi Configurator, used by 90% of consumers) for seamless online customer experiences
    • Gain analysis insights to help predict sales in advance

    3 pages
    Sponsored by: Adobe
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  • How To Succeed As A Multi-Channel Retailer In 2014

    07 February 2014

    Customer demands are at an all time high. They’re shopping in more places across multiple devices and expect a connected, personalised experience wherever they engage with your brand. If they don’t get it they will go elsewhere.

     So retailers must get smart about how they interact with consumers throughout the purchase journey to engage and entice them at every touch point. Are you optimised to engage customers in 2014?

    Bazaarvoice is the leader in helping the world’s leading brands to bring the voice of the customer to the centre of business strategy.  This expert report will help you to

    • Enhance the customer experience with data-driven personalisation
    • Accelerate the purchase cycle with a holistic, omni-channel customer approach
    • Reach more customers through optimised mobile touch points

    Download the free expert report today to keep up with shifting customer needs in 2014 and drive more revenue to your bottom line.

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