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  • 5 Key Strategies For Successful Mobile Engagement

    27 November 2014

    Although most communication channels are developed to the point of near mastery, many marketers still struggle to define how mobile devices fit into the customer experience.

    Morgan Stanley Research estimates that 91 percent of consumers keep their device within arm’s reach 100 percent of the time.¹ Understanding the mobile phenomenon is imperative in order to maintain and improve brand relevance and customer engagement.

    To completely capitalise on this new opportunity, companies must revolutionise how they use the mobile channel in their customer interactions.

    This expert report looks at how you can meet the demands of the mobile consumer with 5 key strategies. Download your free copy here.

    ¹ China Mobile 50k Survey, Morgan Stanley Research, 2011.

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  • Secrets to Engage the Mobile Consumer: The Role of Push Notifications

    21 November 2014

    The businesses really succeeding in customer experience are doing so because they understand their customers, they track their behaviours and then adapt and personalise their CX strategy to engage their customers at exactly the right time.

    This report outlines how leading marketers are using customer experience management software to deliver targeted push notifications to customers’ mobile devices.

    Download your copy here to find out:

    • How to drive better mobile engagement through increasing mobile touch-points
    • How to ensure relevancy and timeliness of notifications
    • How to use geo-fencing data as an enabler

    14 pages
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  • The Real World of Real Time Advertising

    21 November 2014

    Up until 2009, the strategies behind online advertising were built upon finding and targeting audiences in places where they might be, relying on content targeting to inform media buying. But in today’s advertising landscape, marketers are armed with extraordinary technologies, an ever-more-precise understanding of consumer behaviour, and a seemingly endless array of touchpoints for getting in front of audiences. In response to these developments, entirely new industry solutions — and an entirely new school of companies — have evolved that enable marketers to maximise the scale and relevance of their display advertising like never before.

    While the new digital landscape offers marketers many options and opportunities, it can also create significant confusion about how to take best advantage of them.

    Highlights of this new guide include:

    • Background on how advertising used to work
    • Introduction to the ad exchange
    • Real Time Bidding explained
    • The current advertising technology ecosystem

    Download this free guide now.

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  • Owning The Google Results Page

    20 November 2014

    92% of customers do not click through to the second page of Google’s results; as such your website’s position really can be the difference between a successful online business and only having a trickle of traffic to your website.

    Google’s results page is broken down into ‘paid search text ads’, ‘product listing ads’, and ‘organic search results’. In this expert report, these areas are dissected, with their advantages detailed and some top tips to maximise each ones impact.

    Plus, discover how to write Google friendly copy and ensure your ads or organic page listings will stand out from the crowd on the ‘search engine results page’ (SERP).

    Click below to download your free copy.

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  • Women and the Female Paradox

    17 November 2014

    Based on 2CV’s primary research with over 1,000 men and women, this paper explores the evolving aspirations and pressures facing the contemporary woman.

    In the last 40 years, women have seen an unprecedented increase in the opportunities that society affords them. From a position of constraint, modern women now have a greatly increased freedom to select their lifestyle choices, but this also means that more pressures, tensions, and compromises need to be made.

    What then should marketers consider before speaking and engaging with the modern woman? In this expert report, 2CV’s research reveals some of the things that inspire women, whilst they strive for balance and seek happiness in the modern world.

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  • Putting A Price On The Intangible: How to Balance Creativity With Accountability

    10 November 2014

    Creativity is the lifeblood of an advertising or marketing agency, and clients are committing increasingly vast amounts of money to their ad budgets. Figures released by the Advertising Association and Warc forecast that spend will top £20bn for the first time in 2015.

    However the enigma that still lies at the heart of many creative-led agencies is how can you manage resources effectively without stifling creativity? 

    This expert report looks to address some of the burning questions facing the creative industry: 

    • Time management - does more time=more creative? 
    • The riddle of remuneration - how can you put a price on an idea?
    • Process - does it help or hinder creativity? 
    • The output - how can you extract the maximum value out of creative’s in a commercial enterprise?

    The report delves deeper into each of these challenges, and explores how creative agencies can effectively help their creative and support teams, in order to maximise the value of their output. It also features The Top 8 Best-Practice Tips on maximising profitability through effective resource management. 

    Download your free copy now.

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  • The CMO Solution Guide to Programmatic Marketing

    06 November 2014

    The majority of marketers manage at least 20% of their ad budgets programmatically, and two thirds are planning to double that spend over the next 12 months¹.

    This shift is easy to understand: Programmatic is providing greater performance, transparency and ROI for brand’s budgets, plus marketing messages can be targeted and sequenced over an entire (cross-platform) consumer lifecycle.

    Despite brands’ eager adoption, there is still a knowledge gap regarding what it is and what it does. The CMO Club and MediaMath surveyed 225 CMOs to understand their awareness and investment in programmatic.

    Download this report to see how leading brands are implementing programmatic, in order to efficiently and effectively drive marketing ROI.

    ¹ AdExchanger

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  • New Opportunities from Enabling Technology in the Media and Entertainment Industries

    06 November 2014

    The Media and Entertainment industry will be worth $64 billion in 2018, up from $45 billion projected for 2015. 

    This growth is in no small part due to developing platforms (such as mobile and Smart TVs) affording new opportunities for consumer engagement. In turn, consumers expect their favourite TV shows to be available across devices, and for distributors to facilitate an experience beyond just streamed video. 

    For marketers, these consumer demands have led to new platforms becoming available and increasing tactics for engagement, which can deliver targeted and integrated advertising campaigns.

    Download this expert report to discover the current landscape of the Media and Entertainment industry, supported by five case studies from brands such as UKTV, Toshiba and Ikea.

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  • A Marketer’s Guide to Navigating the Internet of Things

    13 October 2014

    There are over 50 billion connected devices that together form the Internet of Things, which Cisco predicts to be a $14 trillion revenue opportunity.

    As a marketer, the challenge is navigating this landscape of connected devices to understand how valuable data can be captured to provide actionable insights.

    In this expert report, we examine the steps to implementing an IoT strategy with tips on how to overcome the obstacles:

    • How best to acquire and manage data across devices
    • How to use this data to create connected experiences that resonate with consumers
    • How the connected experience can nurture and enhance loyal customers

    Plus, read the inclusive case study from Nike, describing how they created a holistic online and offline experience using data from their FuelBrand product.

    Click below to see how an IoT focus can create new opportunities for your brand.

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  • Social Media Checklist: Powering Live Events

    10 October 2014

    This hugely popular eBook forms part of our Power Of Live Series: Social Media Focus and offers a vital checklist to ensure you are making the most of social media within your events. 

    Download it now to:

    • Understand the emerging trends that are driving social media usage around events today
    • Set a realistic strategy: How sharable should my content be? What is the monetary value? What role should Apps play? Which platforms should I use?
    • Gain 8 Twitter tips on the ideal hashtag, what gets re-tweeted, the optimum tweet length and more…
    • Engage key influencers to enhance credibility, spark word of mouth and take your message further
    • Pre-, During- and Post- Event Checklist – 19 tickable boxes to ensure you increase the lifespan of your event and maximise audience engagement at every step of the way

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